8 Ideas for an Owl Love You Wedding!

Owls have always been trendy in fashion, jewelry, and home goods since I can remember, but now we are starting to see a big trend in Owl ****theme weddings. And these aren't just subtle little hints hidden in your centerpieces, check out these 8 ideas on how you can join in on the** owl loving** for your wedding!

8. Owl Cake Anyone...

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Photo: swsmag.net

Julie and Todd, who are in the top photo, love the outdoors so it only seemed natural to include owls, birds, wood, and birch into their wedding details. They wanted to have a groom's cakethat would make their guests smile and with this adorable chubby owl they really hit their mark! The feathers were made from rice paperthat was dipped in white chocolate, how sweet! Could you eat a cake this cute?

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