5 Ways to Have Your Wedding Cake and Eat It Too!

There is a lot to focus on at a wedding, of course the bride and groom are at center stage. But one of the main attractions of a wedding is the cake cutting. **There are many things to consider when choosing a cake to **fit your wedding theme**** and style like taste, decorations, layers, design, and much more. So here are 5 wedding cakes to help you decide what cake is worthy for your wedding day.

5. A Day at the Beach...

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This pretty blue fondant cake from Pink Cake Boxis simply decorated with white and gold seashells and little white sugar pearls. The heart topper**symbolizes** the love the bride and groom have for each other and for the beach. What a perfect way to pull together the details at your boardwalk or **destination wedding. **

*Fabulous Beach Wedding Look on a Budget

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