5 Ways to Have Your Wedding Cake and Eat It Too


5 Ways to Have Your Wedding Cake and Eat It Too
5 Ways to Have Your Wedding Cake and Eat It Too

There is a lot to focus on at a wedding, of course the bride and groom are at center stage. But one of the main attractions of a wedding is the cake cutting. **There are many things to consider when choosing a cake to **fit your wedding theme**** and style like taste, decorations, layers, design, and much more. So here are 5 wedding cakes to help you decide what cake is worthy for your wedding day.

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A Day at the Beach...

A Day at the Beach... This pretty blue fondant cake from Pink Cake Boxis simply decorated with white and gold seashells and little white sugar pearls. The heart topper**symbolizes** the love the bride and groom have for each other and for the beach. What a perfect way to pull together the details at your boardwalk or **destination wedding. **

*Fabulous Beach Wedding Look on a Budget


A Spooky and Fun Halloween...

A Spooky and Fun Halloween... This spectacular halloween cake can put some fun into your fall weddingwhether it's on halloween or not. Add a bride and groom to the top of the pumpkin for a personalized touch. This is another** work of art** from Pink Cake Box, who can make cakes for** all seasons and all occasions**.

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8 Great Themed Wedding Ideas …


Creative Cupcakes...

Creative Cupcakes... Cupcakes like these tasty ones filled with raspberry chambord, chocolate pudding, and oreos and cream filling are sweet for any wedding style. If you live in the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania area and need any kind of cakes, cupcakes, or cookies then I suggest calling Pink Cake Boxwho have been featured in magazines like Modern Bride, NJ Bride, Elegant Bride, and many others. If we didn't already have someone making our cake I would definitely be calling the bakers at Pink Cake Box.

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A Strawberry Delight...

A Strawberry Delight... Fresh fruit is always a delight to have, especially for summer weddings. Photographers Mimi and Karl captured a delicious picture of Marzia and Martin's**strawberry** wedding cake with an adorable bride and groom topper. Maybe blueberries could decorate our wedding cake. What do you think?

*****Strawberry Cupcakes: Recipe


Stop and Smell the Roses...

Over at the Weddingbee photo gallery you can find cakes among other wedding details like gowns and invitations. This simple yet elegant cake by April Reed features a beautiful couture rose and two love birds for a cake topper. I thought of having real flowers on our wedding cake, maybe someblue hydrangeas. Will you have flowers on your cake?

*Flowers 101: Hydrangeas

Other than the design you choose for your wedding cake, don't forget to** taste test many flavors for the fillings and the cake. **And always have fun!

Photo Credit: PinkCakeBox.com, MimiandKarl.com, Weddingbee.com, Sanctuaryoncamelback.com

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I love the simplicity of the last one too Caitlin. The rose is beautiful. Olga, I was lucky on my birthday my fiance made me banana cupcakes with strawberry frosting! :) Im spoiled! Could you imagine oreos and cream filling in a cupcake...sounds so tasty! Thanks for the comments!

I LOVE the last one, minus the birds.. very simple and pretty!!

"A Spooky and Fun Halloween" looks weird. Is there any couples who what such a cake ?

hi suburbangrandma! I think we will save it...I guess we will...I thought thats what everyone did! Thanks for stopping by my other blog too...what wonderful compliments about my Easter cards! :)

You used the wrong form of "course".

Thanks TJ, yeah I love the beach one too. If we we're having a beach theme it would def be a contender. Thanks Ashley, of course I had to fix that right away! :)

PS: if I were to have a wedding, I'd probably go with cupcakes (#3) - they are perfectly sized, and there will be no fuss with cutting the cake etc... And they look so beautiful too... Gosh, I want a cupcake. Any kind of cupcake will do right now.

Thanks so much Olga...I checked out the link and it has some great tips on there. Like I said before, I dont usually wear makeup. But I think I will be wearing some for the wedding...of coarse! Especially because I always tend to be shinny in photos and I def dont want that for my wedding photos!! I read a lot that you shouldnt have any facials or do anything new to your skin a few weeks before the wedding. Could you imagine having red spots all over your face or arms?!

Some of these cakes sure don't look like wedding cakes, but then again, it depends when and where the wedding is taking place. Do you plan to keep the top layer of your wedding cake for a year, and share it with your husband on your 1st wedding anniversary? (we did, and let me tell you, it was a disappointment....after all.....it is a year old cake....what else would one expect...lol)

Yum! I wish I read this post in the morning, cause then I could have some chocolate, so that I could stop drooling on the keyboard... Great post, Diana, thank you! :)

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