7 Adorable Ways to Decorate a Cake ...


You don’t have to have a house full of little kids to be inspired to put cute decorations on a cake. My kids are teenagers and they still like it when I make them a fun cake for their birthday or for the holidays. Thankfully the web is filled with tons of cake decorating sites and the ideas are virtually limitless! Here are 7 adorable ways to decorate a cake that I found online. I hop you like them and get a chance to try at least a couple of them.

7. Animal Themed Cakes

Cut a round cake in half and place the rounded sides towards one another to create the appearance of butterfly wings. Use a Twinkie for the body and frost it with the same icing the wings are covered with. Licorice pieces can be used for the antennae. The wings can be decorated with an assortment of candies to make the wings colorful. You could also decorate the entire top of the cake with a scene consisting of various animals; monkeys swinging from trees, fish swimming in an aquarium or the ocean, or a couple of smiling cats.

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