5 Ways to Stick to Your Wedding Budget ...


5 Ways to Stick to Your Wedding Budget ...
5 Ways to Stick to Your Wedding Budget ...

With today’s economic crisis brides and grooms are wondering whether they can afford the wedding they truly desire and have dreamed about all their lives. It can be difficult to save money when prices are rising; I know this to be true for myself. So here are some tips to help you cut costs for your big day.

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Consider How Much Time You Want for Planning…

Consider How Much Time You Want for Planning… An engagement can last as **long or as short as you need it. If you want a big wedding with all the trimmings plan for a long engagement to save the money you’ll need for the budget. A longer engagement also means finding discounts on the decorations, flowers, vendors, and bridal party dresses you want. Shorter engagements are just as practical when it comes to planning especially if you aren’t picky. You also won’t get your head stuck in the clouds of all the hoopla of wedding planning. We **have planned for a longer engagement to save the money we need for all the wedding details we’re hoping for.
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Have Your Cake and Eat It Too…

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too… I’m sure you have all seen movies, television shows, and pictures of the six to seven tiered cakes covered with elaborate decorations. If you’re having** 200 plus guests** then maybe this much cakeworks for you. However, if your wedding only consists of 100 guests or less go with a smaller, two to three layered cake with less details and decorations. Cupcakes are another alternative to the expense of wedding cakes and have become a big trend. You also want to stay away from fondant and** ask for buttercream icing** for your cake to keep the budget to a minimum. My fiancé and I have decided to go with a three tiered cake, but thus far haven’t chosen any final details.
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Flowers Are Beautiful but Can Be Expensive…

Flowers Are Beautiful but Can Be Expensive… I want to fill my reception hall with blue flowers from the table centerpieces to cascading down the handrails. However, more flowers means more money. There are several options we are considering for centerpieces like floating candles in hurricane vases, small blue glass beads in vases surrounded by votive candles or a single flower floating in a vase of water. One way to cut back on your floral budget is to consider just one type of flower like hydrangeas that make fuller bouquets and centerpieces. By picking just one flower your floristdoesn’t have to spend more money buying different arrangements and can order your flower in bulk.
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Venues Are an Important Budget Detail…

Venues Are an Important Budget Detail… We have lucked out by having our ceremony and reception all in one place. Our venue also provides catering, beverages, tables, linens, and glassware, which are very important details when choosing a location. If your venue doesn’t provide the necessities don’t forget to add that extra expense into your budget. Sometimes an outside vendor can be a less expensive choice than the country club’s $150 per plate bill. Consider places like a restaurantor a** **state parkif you have found an inexpensive caterer or plan to have family and friends cook for that backyardBBQ wedding.
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Sales, Sales, Sales…

Sales, Sales, Sales… Don’t keep your mind closed to specific items you have seen in wedding magazines or wedding shows. Shop around and keep your eyes open for those sale signs! Any detail from the invitations to the **dress can be found on sale. Bridal shopsalways have new inventory coming in and when new ones come in, last seasons must go. And just because it’s last seasons doesn’t mean that you can’t make it look hot and fabulous on you! Watch out for trunk sales in your city and **register your email address and home address at your local bridal shops to be the first one to know about an upcoming sale. I have signed up at Alfred Angeloand receive emails and news in the mail about their savings every few months.
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No budget is ever too small or too big to plan the wedding you desire. Just weed out all the details that you know are too over the top for your budget and focus on what you really want and need.

What are some ways you have saved on details that may have costs too much if you didn’t scale down or find the sale you were looking for?

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Ohh Diana, I had to save this post! Thanks for the ideas and tips love.. This will come in hangy later on.. As always a big thanks from me and this time I have to include my BF.. :)

Hi Olga! Yes I knew when I found that top picture I had to use in for this post! How adorable are they! I just searched wedding budget and I found those cute little bride and groom piggy banks!!! I love hearing from you...thanks for always stopping by my post! :)

Definitely good tip on searching for more vendors during that longer engagement....flower wholesalers have seen orders coming through for weddings at farther reaching dates.

Awe... I love that top picture... so cute :)

I love the wedding cupcake idea... it definitely seems to be gaining popularity (and it is much less expensive than traditional cakes). Great ideas. Timothy

Hi Xannyyy, Ways to stay on budget are great for anyone and def come in handy when planning a wedding. Sometimes all the details can get overwhelming. I know there are many things I could wish for and would love to invite more people. But you love what you have no matter what your budget is. :)

Thanks...cupcakes have become very popular for weddings instead of the big layered cake or even a one or two layered cake for some brides.

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