Top 8 Places to Have a Beach Wedding ...


Top 8 Places to Have a Beach Wedding ...
Top 8 Places to Have a Beach Wedding ...

There are hundreds of places that you could have a beach weddingat. Tons of beautiful places! If your wedding day is approaching, then it is about time to find out where your destination is going to be! Below, I am going to give you 8 places to have a wedding…

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Mexico Photo Credit: Adrián Laris Matthews®

By far, this is one of the most popular location for lovely beach weddings. Mexico has dozens of worthy coastlines. The Riviera Maya will give you a gorgeous venue along the Caribbean, while Los Cabos gives you picturesque accommodations on the lovely Pacific.



Imagine exchanging your vows in reggae style on the tropics of the Caribbean. These really are islands that are full of spirit and a great place to get married. The mountain ranges, sandy beaches and gushing waterfalls are what many people dream of in a wedding.


Dominican Republic

Wouldn’t you love to have a wedding here? If you want a romantic beach wedding, but are on a tight budget, then the island of the Dominican Republic will give you that affordable options. This is full of lovely scenes that will fit perfect in your wedding pictures.


The Bahama

These islands are conveniently located near Florida’s coast. They are popular islands. If you want a breathtaking backdrop for exchanging your vows, then you are going to love this. The most popular beaches for sand ceremonies include Paradise Island, Freeport, Nassau and Grand Bahama Island.



If you have the time and a good budget, then going to Hawaii for that wedding will not only be memorable, but magic as well! In Hawaii, there are so many lovely places that you can have your dream wedding. So much for you and your bridal party!



Fiji Photo Credit: abbietabbie

Are you looking forward to an exotic wedding on the beach? Then Fiji would make a perfect place to have a great, relaxed wedding. Best part? You could also spend your honeymoon right here!



Aruba Photo Credit: elginz

Thousands of couples go to the sandy shores of Aruba to say their wedding vows. They enjoy the night life packed with casinos. Oh and don’t forget about the beauty and the sunshine! Imagine how gorgeous you'd look in your wedding dresswith this as the backdrop!


The Virgin Islands

I couldn’t leave this off of the list. The Virgin Islands truly are breathtaking. Not to mention, they are in the U.S. territory of USVI. There is some natural beauty that is to die for in the Virgin Islands. It would be the perfect wedding destination and that is why I included it as my number one for a beachthemed wedding.

For those of you who are planning weddings, I wrote this blog just for you. Out of all of the places on here, I think Jamaica or Hawaii would be my favorite. What do you think? Which is your favorite for a wedding?

Top Photo Credit: Sebastien LABAN

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I like the idea's of Jamaca, Fiji and Aruba the most but they are all beautiful :)

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