8 First Daughter Weddings to Be Inspired by!

There have been many first daughter weddings over the years, some in the White House and others after their fathers were no longer president. Even years after her father, Bill Clinton, was president, Chelsea Clinton's 400 guests wedding is still talk of the town. Here are** 8 beautiful first daughter weddings** including Clinton's to be inspired by for your own wedding!

8. All about the Bride....

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President Teddy Roosevelt's daughter Alice married Ohio Congressman Nicholas Longworth on February 17th 1906 at the White House. She wanted everyone looking at her as she always did with her public smoking, which was frowned upon for women in those days. So on her big day Alice chose not to have any bridesmaids so the spotlight would remain on her and her 18 foot train. How many bridesmaidswill you have in your wedding?

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