8 Etsy Items for the Summer Bride ...

Summer is the perfect time to get married and many brides choose this sunny season to walk down the aisle. If you are interested in having a coastal themed wedding or even tying the knot beside the ocean, you can add some creative accents to your wedding look and dΓ©cor. Here are 8 Etsy Items for the Summer Bride that will take your wedding day to a new level of coastal cool.

1. Ivory Bridal Hairpiece

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Price: 60.00 at etsy.com
This gorgeous hairpiece is made for ivory silk and organza. It is attached to a comb and you could wear it in multiple ways. Wear it to accent an updo or pin back the side of your long, cascading curls. As a more coastal alternative to the traditional veil, it’s perfect for the summer bride.

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