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8 Tips on Finding the Perfect Prom Dress ...

By Melanie

Whether you are going to your first prom or one of many proms, it is viewed as a very important event in many girls or young women’s eyes. Here are 8 tips on finding the perfect prom dress.

8 Take a Visit to Your Local Dry Cleaners

Take a Visit to Your Local Dry CleanersPhoto Credit: Big Papa-tography

Now this may sound like a really unusual tip but you would be surprised by how many people leave behind dresses at dry cleaners. Often dry cleaners keep left behind clothing for a couple of weeks and then they dispose of it, so why not take a trip to your local dry cleaners and ask them. The chances are that you probably will not have to pay much for the dress either.

7 Make Sure That You Are Comfortable in What You Wear

Make Sure That You Are Comfortable in What You WearPhoto Credit: seanmcgrath

In my opinion there is nothing more unattractive than someone wearing a dress and they are constantly fidgeting because they are not comfortable with the amount of cleavage showing or the length. It is important that you chose a dress that you know you will feel comfortable in and this in turn will make you appear more confident and attractive.

6 Design Your Own Dress

Design Your Own DressPhoto Credit: Feeling Croppy

Often we all struggle to find a suitable dress for special occasions, so why not design your own. There are stores and websites that will take onboard your ideas and design a dress specifically to your tastes or if you are feeling creative you can design your dress completely from scratch. Make a note of all your design ideas and research the best material to use, this way you will make sure that you dress is perfect for you.

5 Be Prepared to Spend a Lot of Time

Be Prepared to Spend a Lot of TimePhoto Credit: AxisGrid

As already mentioned in tip number one, it is highly unlikely that the first dress you come across will be your perfect prom dress. You need to be prepared to spend a lot of time searching for the right dress, style and of course accessories to match.

4 Decide What Your Budget is

Decide What Your Budget isPhoto Credit: sgoralnick

It is extremely important that you set your budget right from the beginning because you are save from heartbreak. You know when you fall in love with a dress and then you look at the price and then suddenly realise that you can not afford it, or you buy it and go into debt. If you set the budget then you can conduct a search for dresses that fit your price range.

3 Choose What Look You Want to Go for

Choose What Look You Want to Go forPhoto Credit: KristelPoole

Many people forget that there are several kinds of looks that you can go for when choosing a dress for prom. For instance, do you want to look chic, classic, extremely girlie or gothic. In my opinion once you have decided your look the search for a prom dress will become easier.

2 Know What Style Suits You

Know What Style Suits YouPhoto Credit: Kimberly Chorney

You probably have a rough idea by now of what suits you, if not then it may be worthwhile asking a friend or trying on a selection of styles and picking the best fit. This is why tip one is really beneficial to you because you may find a style that you had never even though of.

1 Search around

Search aroundPhoto Credit: Luminous Lu

The chances are that you will not walk into a shop and straight away find the dress of your dreams. In my opinion you will need to search around both online and instores for the right dress for you. If you are able to enlist your friends help then you could ask them for their opinion on dresses that you have found.

There you have 8 tips on finding the perfect prom dress. Hopefully these tips will help you to find the dress that is most suitable for you and help you to stand out from the crowd.

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