10 Reasons Why Our Wedding ROCKED!

If you just got engaged and you're not sure where to begin or even if you want a wedding, I may be able to help. I loved every moment of our wedding, from the moment we were engaged and planning our own wedding, to the moment I was walking down the aisle. There may have been some stressful moments in between, but here are 10 reasons why our wedding rocked and yours can too!

10. A Magical Feeling ...

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All day long as we were getting ready I felt like it was just another day. We put the dresses in the van and headed to the salon to get our hair done and even as my hairstylist put the veil in my hair I still felt like the reality of the day hadn't hit me yet. I was excited and happy but it wasn't until I pulled into our venue, Glen Foerd Historical Mansion, walked into the beautiful bridal suite and put my gown on with the help of my maid of honor, bridesmaids, and motherthat I finally felt that magical bridal feeling. As I smiled at my mom the emotions floated in my head and heart. When did it hit you that you were a bride and this was your wedding day?

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