5 Tips on Dressing for Somebodys Wedding ...


5 Tips on Dressing for Somebodys Wedding ...
5 Tips on Dressing for Somebodys Wedding ...

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Weddings are one of the most enjoyable events to go too, but also something that you need to plan your outfit for carefully. The photos will be shown for years afterwards, and it’s important that you look gorgeous and are wearing something suitable yet fabulous!

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First off, Avoid Being a Bridesmaid...

The bride will always get to pick the bridesmaids dresses, and as most of the time they match, they can’t be flattering for everyone. Whether it’s the pea green color or the A line cut, it’s much better to take a step back and choose your own outfit!


A Really Important Rule is That You Cannot Wear White...

White must be reserved for the bride, and it’s advisable to avoid light shades of cream and ivory too. Unless you want to ruin your friendship with the bride and her mom forever... brides’ mothers seem to be particularly touchy about white on the guests. However, this whole no-white rule still leaves you with a whole palette of colors to choose from!


Plan Your Outfit by the Weddings Location...

If it’s a day wedding on an island, choose a flirty sun dress. For a night time wedding in the city, find a gorgeous gown or cocktail dress. For a wedding at a country club, choose a cute shirt. If it’s a 3am wedding in Vegas, anything goes! You get the idea. If you’re unsure, ask other guests what they are wearing or Google the location and see what other people’s wedding guests wore.

My best friend got married in Spain, on the beach. I found a shimmery pink chemise, and wore it with my bikini underneath. I teamed it with flip flops and loose, bouncy curls for a natural beach babe look. Everybody who looks at the pictures mentions how much my outfit suited the occasion, so it’s definitely worth putting the extra effort in.


Make Sure You’re Wearing Comfy Shoes...

If you need to buy new shoes, buy them a few weeks before and wear them in. If your feet hurt, you won’t be able to dance and strut like you should! Get a pair that are supportive and comfortable and you’ll have a much better night.

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This is your chance to make your outfit your own. Big earrings, bold necklaces, colorful cuffs, designer bags. Make your outfit completely your own. If your creative, you can even sew things onto your dress, or make your own hair accessories. Take some time to style your hair and do your make up perfectly, and spritz yourself with a sexy scent.

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Don’t forget that there will be plenty of people, including single men, to impress, so put some effort into looking fantastic and who knows what will happen?

Got a tip for wedding dressing, or had a nightmare experience? Let me know, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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why are "6 tips" in the title if there are only 5 ? :)

I personally do like to see any guests wear white dresses to a wedding. I feel that the white dress color belongs to the the Bride on her special day. Yet, I have been to weddings(mine was one of them), where some of the guest have a nerve to wear white.

Personally i like to see 3 girls in some dresses and 3 guys!

Just caught a rerun of the satan mother-in-law that had the audacity to wear a bright red dress to the wedding on "Who's Wedding is it Anyway." YIKES. I hope these posts get back to this woman so she can realize what a tacky mistake she made. Poor Bride has to see her mother-in-law's egomaniacal attire frozen for time in pictures and video. Good luck sister, you're going to need it with "devil with a red dress" for a mother-in-law.

Alina, Oops, you were right! We just edited the title... Thank you for letting us know! ;)

Have you ever seen the show "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway"? There is one episode where the mother-in-law insists on wearing a bright red dress that looks like something a bridesmaid would wear. And everyone else...like the the grandmother and mother wore light purples and pinks! How rude!

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