7 Ways to save on Letterpress PrintingFinding Affordable Letterpress Invitations ...


7 Ways to save on Letterpress PrintingFinding Affordable Letterpress Invitations ...
7 Ways to save on Letterpress PrintingFinding Affordable Letterpress Invitations ...

It is my pleasure as a wedding blogger to present a guest post to my readers from the wonderful wedding vendor Trish at Ajalon Printing and Design:

Everyone loves the aesthetic quality and charming allure of** letterpress printing**. The deep impressions and understated elegance of **letterpress **wedding invitations are so unique that it cannot be produced by any other printing method. However, as is the case with many high quality products, there is a belief that letterpress printing costs a great deal more. But this does not always have to be the case.

To help all you price savvy brides **find the **letterpress wedding invitations **of your dreams at a price that is **affordable, here is a list of seven easy to follow steps that can dramatically reduce the cost of your letterpress wedding invitation set.

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Shop, Shop, Shop...

Shop, Shop, Shop... Sometimes shopping around can become tiresome, but spending an extra couple minutes looking for the right letterpress wedding invitation printers online usually will save you hundreds of dollars in the end. It is well worth your time to spend a little extra energy searching online for professionals that have what you want at a price you can afford.


Special Deals...

Special Deals... Look for specials or seasonal pricing on letterpress wedding invitation designs. Some printers may offer these types of specials upfront, and other times you may need to specifically ask. But no matter who you order your invitations from, finding a printer that has a **special price **on letterpress wedding invitations will save you money.


RSVP Postcards...

RSVP Postcards... Think about ordering RSVP postcards instead of the traditional RSVP cards. A recent trend among price savvy brides is ordering their wedding invitation design with an RSVP postcard and saving on the postage and additional envelope costs.



DIY... When thinking about how to personalize your letterpress wedding invitation designs, including a little DIYor ‘Do It Yourself’ **is sure to **impress your guests and save you some extra money. Instead of ordering envelope liners or pre-addressed envelopes, consider **doing this yourself **and spending your savings on something else.


Cut the Guest List...

Cut the Guest List... Something that will save you money at every level of your wedding, cutting the number of guests you invite can also greatly reduce your overall letterpress wedding invitation costs. While you might like the idea of inviting every great uncle and third cousin twice removed, cutting even a couple people will help ease the costs of your entire wedding celebration.


Mix and Match...

Mix and Match... Mixing offset printing, a traditionally less expensive printing method with letterpress printing is a brilliant way to save money. Consider printing your wedding invitations with letterpress and the less important items like the RSVP postcard or envelopes with offset printing. You can use the same colors, styles and fonts throughout, and the savings will add up.


Black & White is Beautiful...

Black & White is Beautiful... The mark of classical letterpress wedding invitation designs,** black ink** with white paper is much simpler and less expensive than an invitation set with multiple colors. If you want to enjoy the beauty of letterpress printing but are trying to cut back on costs, instead of multiple colors consider a black and white sincere yet sophisticated letterpress wedding invitation design.

Did you use a letterpress design for your wedding invitaton?

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I love the blue color of the DIY invitations too! Thanks for visiting Trish's guest post and AllWomenStalk Sassy Bride! :)

Ryan thats great news about your site and thank you for adding to the tips! I cant wait to check out your work. Thank you for checking out AllWomenStalk! :)

Oooh...I love the invitations under "DIY" & "Mix & Match". Also, geat advice on ideas, cutting costs, and finding that perfect invitation! Thanks for sharing!

You think of everything, don't you! :)

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