How to save Money on a Wedding ...


How to save Money on a Wedding ...
How to save Money on a Wedding ...

If wedding bells are ringing in your future, hold on your wallet, because the jingle you hear may be money leaving your pocket. Planning a wedding can be a huge expense and a tiring affair. But, with time and a little legwork, a wedding does not have to break your bank account.

To save money, you must be open to creative ideas and be willing to shop around. The more time you have to plan, the more money you can save.
Here are just a few money-saving ideas:

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Want a Limo to Transport the Bride and Groom to and from the Reception? Call a Funeral Home. Some Funeral Homes Will Rent Their Limousines and Almost Always Offer Lower Prices


Instead of Having a Traditional Wedding Cake, Decorate a Styrofoam Cake for the Pictures and Serve Sheet Cake. Sheet Cakes Are Much Less Expensive, and Your Guests Will Never Know. Just Wheel the “wedding Cake” Back into the Kitchen to Be Cut. You Can Include an Actual Layer of Cake in the Styrofoam Cake to Cut in Front of Your Guests. but Make Sure You Remember Which Layer is the Real One or You Could Be Facing a Very Embarrassing Moment


Lower the Cost of the Ring – Bearer Pillow by Making Your Own. This Isn’t a Complicated Projects; It’s a Snap for a Crafty Family Member or Friend Who Wants to Help


Determine the Number of Guests You Want to Invite and Stick to That Number. Every Time You Add a Guest, the Cost of Your Wedding Increases


Don’t Use a Florist Who Charges a Consultation Fee. a Florist Shouldn’t Charge Extra for Advice on Decorations, and Most Don’t


Get All the Details in Writing when Dealing with Businesses like Florists and Photographers. You Need Written Proof of What You Agreed to, Especially when Planning Many Months in Advance


Always Pay Wedding Deposits and Purchases with a Credit Card. That Protects You in Case the Business Closes or Doesn’t Fulfil Written Agreements


To save Money on Gifts for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, Ask Your Photographer to Make a Picture of Each Wedding Party Member and His or Her Guest. then Frame the Photo Yourself. or, for an Even Less Expensive Option, Get Copies of a Group Wedding Picture Made for Each Attendant


When Deciding Whether or Not to Serve Alcoholic Beverages, Remember That Some States Have Liability Laws That Hold the Host of the Party Jointly Liable if an Accident Occurs. Check with the Caterer and Insurance Agent to Find out What Type of Protection You Need

One are usually worth the extra money is good photographs. Make sure you meet with your photographer beforehand to discuss his style of photography and what role you want him to have in your wedding.

Most of all, remember this is your wedding and you can spend as much or as little as you want. With a little thought and a lot of planning, you can have enough money left over to enjoy a special honeymoon.

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