8 Reasons to Say Yes to That Marriage Proposal ...


8 Reasons to Say Yes to That Marriage Proposal ...
8 Reasons to Say Yes to That Marriage Proposal ...

Do you feel a marriage proposal coming up? Have you been thinking about a proposal a lot? I am going to give you 8 reasons to say yes to that marriage proposal …

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Companionship Photo Credit: Princess Valium

The first reason to say yes would be because of companionship. At night, you will no longer be falling asleep in your own bear cuddling a stuffed teddy bear. You will have a husband to cuddle in bed.


Get to Raise a Family Together

Get to Raise a Family Together Photo Credit: doug88888

Do you think he would make a good father? Does he want kids with you? Do the two of you dream of having children together in the future? Then this would be a good reason to say yes, as long as you are ready.


Get to Share Memories Together

Get to Share Memories Together Photo Credit: madelyn * persisting stars

Just think, when the two of you are married, you will get to share memories together. Think about it for a second. Can you see yourself sharing a lifetime full of memories with the guy?


The Proposal Was Awesome

The Proposal Was Awesome Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery - Now on Twitter!

He didn’t just get down on one knee. No, he went all out. He came up with something unique and you can tell by his emotions that he really loves you and wants you to say yes.



Romance Photo Credit: My Baby Mia

Yes, one of the big reasons as to why you should accept that proposal is because of the romance. If he is a romantic guy, then you should definitely say yes. Of course, if you want to – if you feel that you should.


You Are Ready to Make a Commitment for Life

You Are Ready to Make a Commitment for Life Photo Credit: hausstaubmilbe

Of course, you should not say yes if you are not ready to make a commitment for life. However, if you are ready to make a commitment for life and you can see yourself with this person in the future, then you should definitely say yes.


No More Weird Dates

No More Weird Dates Photo Credit: Brian Auer

Do you know those awkward dates? Well, when you’re married, you will no longer have to experiment those awkward dates. This is definitely a good thing.


You Love the Guy

You Love the Guy Photo Credit: oliviermela

Of course, if you love the guy and you have been wishing he would propose, then it would be wrong not to say yes to that proposal! This is my number one reason to say yes.

Those are 8 reasons to say yes to a marriage proposal. Of course, there are some wrong reasons to say yes and I have posted a blog on that – surely, you can find it by looking through this site. So, do you have any other reasons to say yes, besides that he is a great guy?

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I have a feeling that my boyfriend is going to propose to me on Christmas day. I accidentaly found out that my present from him is a ring, we've been together for nearly a year and are totally, madly in love with one another. I know that he's planning on spending a fair amount on it but I keep thinking that I could be reading too much into it and maybe it's just a ring and not an engagement ring as such. I'm so worried now because I would marry him in a heartbeat, so if he doesn't propose I'll feel a bit gutted! We always talk about the future and moving in together and getting married so it wouldn't be a complete suprise, and he also wants my mum and dad to go shopping with him to choose it! All the signs are there! Does anybody have any thoughts?? I really want a guy's opinion as well, I mean would you buy your girlfriend of nearly one year a ring which is only meant as a piece of jewellry and nothing more? :S

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