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7 Reasons to Have Dr. House's Children ...

By Lyndsie

I love Hugh Laurie. I am guilty of being hopelessly in love with Dr. Gregory House as well -- you know, the fictional character played by Hugh Laurie. But, honestly, I don’t care that he doesn’t exist. Our love can still flourish. Not really, but all the same, I’ve compiled seven solid reasons I would still like to have Dr. House’s babies.

1 He’s Brilliant

He’s BrilliantPhoto Credit: Xside

I love a smart man. House is, naturally, the smartest man alive, even when he’s wrong. Not only that, but he is clever, what with that knack he has of finding out the answer to all of the most threatening medical mysteries ever, when someone makes some seemingly innocuous comment. No, honestly, the formula for House could get really old, really fast, except that Hugh Laurie’s acting doesn’t let it go that way.

2 He’s Surly

He’s SurlyPhoto Credit: Xside

Is it just me, or is surliness incredibly sexy? I love that he’s so grouchy all the time. I love it when he drinks and gets surly. I love it when he’s strung out and surly. I love it when he’s stone cold sober and surly. Still, I sort of wish he’d go back on Vicodin, because House is also sexy when he’s strung out.

3 He’s Scruffy

He’s ScruffyPhoto Credit: Xside

No, seriously. Before House, my taste in boys veered toward well groomed little metrosexuals who spent time on their hair and their clothes -- and shaved, you know. But forget that junk. House has taught me the glory of an unkempt man who is just too cool to care. His tee shirts, his stubble, his sneakers -- ahh, I melt.

4 He’s Sarcastic

He’s SarcasticPhoto Credit: housefan42

I love a sarcastic man as well. Sarcasm is my favorite emotion. And House is more than simply sarcastic, he has wit. True wittiness is so hard to come by. The only other person I know -- in a manner of speaking -- who truly understands the subtleties of wit and the utter deliciousness of dry humor is Oscar Wilde, and we never talk anymore.

5 He’s Hot when He’s Vulnerable

He’s Hot when He’s VulnerablePhoto Credit: xf_1031ss

I love it when House exhibits vulnerability -- especially when it’s because he’s been hurt or abused (by himself) in some way. Shoot him, exacerbate his leg injury, make him go through withdrawal, break his heart: give me more, give me more! Getting to see his vulnerabilities humanizes the character in a way that keeps him constantly evolving.

6 He Watches Big Love

He Watches Big LovePhoto Credit: Xside

I love Big Love! We are totally meant to be together! I bet he’s the type of man who embraces Big Love and Dexter but passes on True Blood and makes fun of the Twilight saga. We could watch the reruns of Big Love off of Netflix all night, it would be amazing!

7 His Sense of Romance

His Sense of RomancePhoto Credit: Xside

When House loves you, he will be obsessive and send a private detective to spy on you. That is so romantic! House’s obsessive nature is another reason I love him. Call me crazy -- really, you can, in this instance, it’s true. I’m the girl who thought the one shining moment of Hannibal the film versus Hannibal the novel was Lecter cutting off his own hand for his beloved Clarice. What can I say?

Now, I promise not to fight any of you over House. We’ll just flip a coin until I win. What do you all love about House? Also, heads or tails? I’ll flip!

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