7 Reasons I like It when It Rains ...


7 Reasons I like It when It Rains ...
7 Reasons I like It when It Rains ...

I like the rain. Why? Well, I can think of 7 reasons I like it when it rains. I am the type who could go out and dance in the rain and not care who's watching... that's how much I like it. Well, let's get started with those 7 reasons...

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It's Peaceful

Some people do not believe this, they get scared when it starts to thunder. However, I feel more at peace. I can easily relax when it is raining.


Good Reading Weather

I believe the rain makes good reading weather. On those rainy days, I just want to curl up on the couch and read a good book as I listen to the rain hit the roofs.


Good Writing Weather

Just as the rain makes good reading weather, it also makes good writing weather. While I am a fast writer, no matter what, I find it much more relaxing to write when it is raining. It's not just because it cools the place down, because I like the rain, even during the winter months.


Makes It Pretty outside

I also enjoy the beauty of the rain. I believe it is a very pretty thing that nature does. Some of the best pictures are taken in the rain. Not to mention how cool the clouds look during thunderstorms.


It Cools the outside off

As I said, this isn't a main reason I like the rain, but that does not mean that I don't like the reason. I like how the rain comes along and cools the outside off. During those summer months, do you know how hot it gets in Florida? Rain really does help.


The Plants Enjoy It

If you look outside after it is raining, the plants look so happy. The plants that are outside enjoy the rain. Sometimes, when I see rain coming, I like to put my houseplants outside so they can take advantage of that rain as well. I think of it as a treat to them.


It Makes Me Smile

I believe one of the number one reasons to like the rain is because it makes me smile inside. I love to see the children laughing and playing in the yard after the cool rain. Not too long ago, I saw a couple of guys sitting at a bus stop in the rain. They were huddled up under the patio trying to keep dry. A big truck zoomed past and water from a puddle slung up on them. At first, it looked serious, but when they looked at each other and burst out in laughter, I learned that it wasn't as serious as it looked. I bet they went home and told everyone about how a big truck splashed them. When they started laughing, I couldn't help but to laugh too.

Those are 7 Reasons I like it when it rains. In the rain, it seems that anything goes. I do hate driving in the rain... the roads are slippery and back wheel drive does not help the situation. When it's raining, I know there are a lot of happy moments, but you still have to be safe and don't lose your mind. Drive safe and if you don't think you can drive in the rain, then don't do it, if you have an option. So, what are some things you like about the rain?

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I'm from Arizona...we don't get rain much here. But I LOVE the rain. Most everyone I know hates it and I just don't understand. Rainy weather makes me happy in every way. I also enjoy all of the things you listed. Recently we had a pretty massive storm where I go to school. I just sat on my bed, in my sweats drinking tea and just watched the rain fall. It was the most amazing time. I;m glad to know I'm not alone in my passion for the rainy weather.

i am agree with u artemis.. :)

@Sheila, I understand. But I still like rain. Everything look greener and fresher.

i love the smell.. many people seem to hate it but for me the smell of earth after it rains is very soothing. *it's raining right now* <3

I love the rain. :)

I completely agree! Many people tell me they don't like it when it's raining, but I find it to be very calming and soothing. I adore the smell and sound of rain.

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