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You’ve been dating forever, and you’re so in love! You see engagements everywhere, and you find yourself planning your perfect wedding. Now all you need is for him to ask! But how do you get him to pop the question? Here are some great ideas!

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Make Sure You’re Ready

Are you really ready to be married, or are you rushing things because your sister or your friend has gotten married? Make sure you’re ready before you try and convince your guy.


Make Sure He’s the One for You

Again, before you start using your feminine charms to land your man, make sure he’s the one for you. It would be a shame to expend all of your time and effort for a man who’s all talk and no substance, or who you can’t see yourself growing old with, right?


Point out Happily Married Couples

Once you’re sure he’s the one for you, one good way to get the subject going is to comment on couples you both know that are happily married. Friends, relatives, even celebrity couples that have made it work. Make comments on how good they are for each other, how loyal and devoted they seem.


Comment on Rings

When you walk by shop windows with engagement rings, stop and point out the ones you think are pretty, and the ones you think are gaudy. Comment on a friend’s ring, or his mother’s ring, Be specific, like, “What a gorgeous setting! Look how intricate it is!”


Have a Friend Drop a Hint

Ask one of your close friends to drop a hint to your guy. Have her ask what his intentions are, or ask her to tell him what a great couple you are, and how happy she would be to be a bridesmaid.


Talk to Your Mother

Chances are, if your mother has spent any time at all with you and your guy, she’ll have all kinds of input, and she would probably LOVE it if you asked her opinion or advice.


Talk to His Friends

If you can be sure they won’t tip him off, casually ask his friends how they, and he, feel about marriage. They might have insights you won’t.


Ask How He Feels about Kids

If he makes comments that he loves kids, wants kids, or better yet, wants kids with you, at least he’s on the right path. A few gentle nudges, and he may pop the question.


Take Him to Weddings

When friends or relatives invite you to a wedding, and you know it will be romantic, touching, and not tacky, invite him along. Comment on the things you like, and ask his opinion.


Get Your Own Life

Let him see you living a full, happy life, and he will want to be a permanent part of it. Don’t let him think of you as a barfly. Let him see your generous, caring side, too.


Make Him a Little Jealous

Let him see that other men desire you, and he may want to make sure the world knows you belong to HIM!


Strategically allowing your partner to observe the attention you receive from others can occasionally spur their commitment. However, tread lightly with this tactic to avoid playing mind games or causing unnecessary strain in your relationship. Maintain authenticity and let these instances occur naturally. If he sees that you're valued and admired by peers, it may ignite a sense of urgency, prompting him to secure a deeper commitment with you. Yet remember, the foundation of any enduring relationship is trust—never compromise that for a momentary spark of jealousy.


Abstain, if You Can

Some women decide to wait until they are married to have sex with a man. If that’s you, then stick to your guns.


Commitment to the value of abstinence often aligns with deeply held beliefs and convictions. Stay true to your principles as this can foster an environment of mutual respect and trust in your relationship. While it's essential to ensure that your potential partner is fully supportive and on the same page regarding this choice, take pride in your decision and know that staying firm can be a testament to your strength of character. Remember, the right man will honor your wishes and wait until you are both ready to take that step together.


Be Blunt

Ask him straight out whether he sees himself being married anytime in the near future. He may be caught off guard, but he will also likely appreciate your honesty.


Don’t Give Him an Ultimatum!

Don’t pressure him too much, or drop too many blatant hints. He will see you as a nag, and that’s the last thing you want!


Ask Him!

You’re a modern girl! Be bold! If you think he’s the right one, and he’s just too shy to ask, you can always ask HIM!

So if you’re ready, these are some sure-fire ways to let him know, and to find out how he feels. The last two may be the hardest, so you might want to try the other ideas first.

Or have you already gotten engaged? If you have, tell me how you got him to ask! Or if you asked! Were you nervous? How did you do it? Let me know!

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Meream, Thanks alot love :) We both count each other lucky :) Are you single?

Xannyyy, a house and a wedding! You are one lucky girl. But I'm sure your boyfriend is even luckier to have you. :)

MaJ, I would give it a little more time. 7 months are still few. Maybe he's seeing it as too soon and he's not ready yey. Give it some more time and don't push too much. I'm sure he will come to his senses and in time he will ask you :) Me and my boyfriend decided about marrige after two years. You'll see too that if you give it some time you'll be more prepared!

Jenni, dear ... those ideas r gr8 every girl should try em :-D

Meream, Well nothing special love.. We where always talking about how nice it would be if we got married and it never was quite of a question.. But them when we saw our house we were discussing it over dinner and the he proposed and I replied with a big Yes! And we bought the house and plans are being made :D He made me one of the happiest woman alive :D

the day that i'd ask a guy to marry me... hell had probably frozen over lolol. i havent had sex yet, it would be nice to wait :]

MaJ, No problem love, any time you need it :) You'll see that if he's your destiny, by time you'll get your wish granted and all your dreams will come true! :)

Xannyyy, you are funny! :D How did your fiance propose? If you don't mind sharing. Hehe

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