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Purple Fashion Jewelry - the Fabulous 41

By Olga

There are so many fantastic pieces of purple fashion jewelry this season, my head's spinning!

That's why I made this list of the Most Fabulous 40 Pieces of ****Fashion Jewelry in Purple, so that we do not get lost in the Fabulous Wonderland of Jewelry this winter!

Some of these gorgeous pieces are too-oo expensive, but, you should forgive me my weakness, Girls, they were so beautiful, I just could not leave them out... see for yourselves!

1 Etername Enamel Bracelet with Sapphires and White Gold

Price upon request, visit
Etername Enamel Bracelet with Sapphires and White GoldI know this gorgeous Etername bracelet was featured in both Vogue and Elle magazines, but can one really have enough when it comes to looking at beautiful things?

2 Dior "Miss Dior" Ring with White Gold, Diamonds and Amethyst

Price upon request, visit
Dior "Miss Dior" Ring with White Gold, Diamonds and AmethystThis fabulous "Miss Dior" ring truly is a masterpiece worth admiring! I think I fell in love with Dior jewelry even more!


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3 Dior "Diorette" Ring with Amethyst

Price upon request, visit
Dior "Diorette" Ring with AmethystThis is yet another gorgeous piece of jewelry by Dior... The colors are just extraordinary! If only I had 17 K to spare!
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4 Dior "Incroyables Et Merveilleuses" Cerise Ring

Price upon request, visit
Dior "Incroyables Et Merveilleuses" Cerise RingAwe... Dior "Incroyable" collection is so amazingly beautiful it almost seems unreal!

5 Dior "Oui" Ring with Diamons and Amethyst

Price upon request, visit
Dior "Oui" Ring with Diamons and AmethystA simple yet very cute Dior "Oui" ring will look perfect on a pinky!

6 Marc Jacobs Cocktail Ring

Price upon request, visit
Marc Jacobs Cocktail RingThis is a very "Marc Jacobs" cocktail ring - a very stylish addition to any outfit!

7 Anthropologie Gilded Posie Ring

$118.00, visit
Anthropologie Gilded Posie RingThis is a perfect cocktail ring, Girls! Flower rings are so in this season! And the best part is that the price tag does not have numerous zeroes on it!

8 Banana Republic Corsage Bracelet

$49.00, visit
Banana Republic Corsage BraceletThis purple bracelet is yet another great piece of fashion jewelry on a budget - where else can you get a fab splash of purple for just $49?

9 Larkspur & Hawk Kate Earrings

$2350.00, visit
Larkspur & Hawk Kate EarringsThese are the earrings that were featured in September issue of Vogue. If antique is your jewelry style, you won't be disappointed!

10 Larkspur & Hawk Anne Ring

$2400.00, visit
Larkspur & Hawk Anne RingThis Larkspur & Hawk Anne Ring too got some spot light in Vogue...

11 Rawson Ring

$715.00, visit
Rawson RingThis cocktail ring is so perfect for this winter! I adore the shape, the colors, everything! It's absolutely fab!

12 Amethyst Gemstone Cuff

$1485.00, visit
Amethyst Gemstone CuffLooking for a perfect cuff? You might just have found one! This Amethyst Gemstone Cuff is a perfect piece of fashion jewelry in purple!

13 Large Amethyst Cuff

$1575.00, visit
Large Amethyst CuffThis is another version of an amethyst cuff, and I am afraid I might like it even better!

14 Fluorite Chandelier Earrings

$300.00, visit
Fluorite Chandelier EarringsChandelier earrings are fabulous - they elongate the neck, they bring attention to your face... And when this chandelier earrings come in gorgeous hues of purple, it means that you have just found your perfect piece of jewelry!

15 Aura Rings

$2900.00, visit
Aura RingsI still can not decide on this statement ring... It does seem to be pretty in a way... And what do you think?

16 Amethyst & Coral Double Strand Necklace

$945.00, visit
Amethyst & Coral Double Strand NecklaceThis is one adorable amethyst necklace! One might say it looks like grandma's jewels, but wait till you pair it with a fabulous coat and high heel boots!

17 Purple Drop Earrings

$100.00, visit
Purple Drop EarringsThese drop earrings are just too adorable! What I like the most about them is that you can actually wear them to work and go to a party afterwards, looking fabulous all the way!

18 Ruby & Citrine Flower Ring

$690.00, visit
Ruby & Citrine Flower RingAs you have noticed, flower rings are very "it" this season, and so is this Ruby & Citrine flower ring! It's a pretty piece of statement jewelry, don't you think?

19 Turquoise Cabochon & Amethyst Cabochon Drop Earring

$430.00, visit
Turquoise Cabochon & Amethyst Cabochon Drop EarringI so much love these earrings! The perfect combination of turquoise and amethyst... They are simply fabulous!

20 Ruby Cabochon Clip Earring

$430.00, visit
Ruby Cabochon Clip EarringVery cute, but a more modest pair of clip earring will still bring a touch of color to your outfit.

21 Large Python Rhodium Cuff

$467.00, visit
Large Python Rhodium CuffI love this cuff! Python leather looks fantastic!

22 Amethyst Gemstone Clip-on Earrings

$345.00, visit
Amethyst Gemstone Clip-on EarringsThese amethyst gemstone clip-on earrings are not my style, but if you get one of those Amethyst Gemstone bracelets to pair them with, they might look very interesting!

23 Gucci Horsebit Nail Cocktail Ring

$2190.00 visit
Gucci Horsebit Nail Cocktail RingWhat a gorgeous cocktail ring! I absolutely love it! It will look amazing with anything - the jeans, the cocktail dresses and everything in between!

24 Gucci Candy Horsebit Earrings

$3450, visit
Gucci Candy Horsebit EarringsThese Candy Horsebit earrings are amazing! The amethysts look wonderful!

25 Gucci Horsebit Cocktail Ring with Pave Diamonds

$7950.00, visit
Gucci Horsebit Cocktail Ring with Pave DiamondsThis is one fabulous cocktail ring! The diamonds surely add some glamour!

26 Bangle Bangle by Amrita Singh

$75.00, visit
Bangle Bangle by Amrita SinghIf you like numerous bangles, you'll like this set by Amrita Singh!

27 Tiffany Paloma's Sugar Stacks Earrings

$1495.00, visit
Tiffany Paloma's Sugar Stacks EarringsWhat a refined pair of purple studs! Don't you just love them?

28 Tiffany Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard Earrings

$2100.00, visit
Tiffany Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard EarringsAwe... diamonds are always diamonds...

29 Tiffany Amethyst Earrings

$500.00, visit
Tiffany Amethyst EarringsThis pair of amethyst earrings by Tiffany looks absolutely adorable!

30 Tiffany Aria Drop Earrings

$2100.00, visit
Tiffany Aria Drop EarringsWhat a gorgeous piece of jewelry... Tiffany definitely knows beauty...

31 Tiffany Rubellite Drop Earrings

$2150.00, visit
Tiffany Rubellite Drop EarringsI absolutely love this pair of Tiffany earrings. I am sure they will be in style years and years from now.

32 Tiffany Amethyst Weave Earrings

$28000.00, visit
Tiffany Amethyst Weave EarringsAren't these earrings beautiful? I very much love the tender hue!

33 Tiffany Amethyst Ring

$1350.00, visit
Tiffany Amethyst RingLooking for a fabulous cocktail ring? Here it is! Love the color, love the cut of the stone, love the fact that it's Tiffany!

34 Tiffany Paloma's Sugar Stacks Ring

$550.00, visit
Tiffany Paloma's Sugar Stacks RingYet another pretty piece of fashion jewelry - TIffany Paloma's Sugar Stacks ring...

35 TIffany Cocktail Ring

$800.00, visit
TIffany Cocktail RingOMG, this is an ultimate perfect cocktail ring of this season! Have you seen anything more fabulous than this ring, girls?

46 Tiffany Shared-Setting Band Ring

$2675.00, visit
Tiffany Shared-Setting Band RingThis Tiffany classic can easily translate into a piece of fashion jewelry...

37 Tiffany Amethyst Pendant

$700.00, visit
Tiffany Amethyst PendantIt's a perfect pendant for this season, the color is just amazing!

38 Cartier Inde Mysterieuse Ring with Diamonds

Price upon request, visit
Cartier Inde Mysterieuse Ring with DiamondsI can only imagine how much this ring is, but it's so gorgeous, I just had to put it on this list...

39 Cartier Les Delices De Goa Ring

Price upon request, visit
Cartier Les Delices De Goa RingWhat a great piece of fashion jewelry - amethysts, turquoise, diamonds - a fabulous cocktail ring you would not want to take off!

40 Cartier Inde Mysterieuse Small Ring

Price upon request, visit
Cartier Inde Mysterieuse Small RingAnother Cartier creation - more modest, but not less fabulous!

41 Dior "Dior Gracefully" Bracelet

Price upon request, visit

Don't you just love this Dior necklace? I think it's absolutely adorable!

This is our top list of **Purple Fashion Jewelry, **but it can never be complete without YOUR picks, Girls!

So, if you know about other fabulous pieces that should be on this Purple Fashion Jewelry List, please do share!

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