Mimi's the Look Stylish Accessories on the Cheap


Mimi's the Look Stylish Accessories on the Cheap
Mimi's the Look Stylish Accessories on the Cheap

I love accessories. In fact you might say I have an unhealthy addiction to necklaces and bracelets and headbands. But really, it’s okay now that I’ve found Mimi’s, and am no longer spending a fortune on the stylish accessories I want.

Mimi’s the Look is an online shop that specializes in all of the jewelry and accessories I love, but without the sticker shock when you go to check out. I really like how everything is sorted, not just by category based on type of accessory (necklaces, bracelets, earrings) but also by other intuitive categories, like “wedding” and “children.”

Mimi’s the Look sent me a smattering of items so I could get a feel for the quality of their stock, and I’m impressed — this isn’t dollar store or Claire’s cheap junk. This is gorgeous, top-quality costume jewelry, made to last for seasons. And there are other accessories too, like handbags and scarves and cases (oh my!)...

Here's what they sent... amazing stuff!
This gold coin necklace is long, perfect for doubling or for layering with other gold-tone necklaces. It’s not cheap-looking at all, and I love that it’s not overdone — there are just enough round coins so that when you double or layer it, it looks great!
I also tried these purple crystal stud earrings. They’re tiny, perfect for adding just a pop of color, and I love how they sparkle! They’re also perfect for little girls, since they’re smaller, but I’d also suggest buying a pair in every color, because they’re so pretty and versatile!
Last, I received this gorgeous headband, the one with rhinestones. It’s ideal for dressing up an LBD or even for just wearing with a black tee and skinny jeans! The rhinestones are beautiful, with loads of shimmer and sparkle, and the headband is slightly flexible, so it won’t squeeze your head. Wouldn’t this be pretty for homecoming, too?

I am completely delighted with all three pieces Mimi’s the Look sent me to try, and I’ve already filled my shopping cart with another batch of goodies I can’t live without. Check out the site for all the newest fall must-haves mixed with classic pieces you’ll love to wear for years to come. Do it now! And keep your eyes open for a give-away from Mimi’s the Look, coming soon!

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Awesome Find!!!

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