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7 Best Dior Diorette Rings ...

By Olga

Rings are something that never goes out of fashion, but pretty bold cocktail rings have never been as huge as they are this season!

In search for a beautiful cocktail ring I browsed and, but none of their rings measured up to this fabulous Dior ****Diorette collection!

Just look at them, they are true pieces of art! It's better not to think about their prices, though, because that might spoil it all. But to be honest, a ring with a saphire, little diamonds, white or yellow gold and enamel and a Dior logo engraved is not supposed to be affordable, is it?

I adore this Diorette ring with a diamond, citrine, pink sapphire, amethyst, mandarin garnet, tsavorite and lacquer, just looking at it raises my spirits!

This Bluish Diorette ring with a diamond, aquamarine, amethyst, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, tsavorite and lacquer is my favorite! If I had some $17 000 to spare I would not hesitate to invest them in this unbelievably gorgeous piece of jewelry!

The Diorette rings below are a bit more casual, more affordable, but still very pretty! And they are available at Dior Online Boutique too!

This Marguerite Diorette Ring is probably the only more or less affordable ring in the whole collection:

$1050.00, visit or

Among these more modest rings it's probably the prettiest one, but still I keep dreaming about the big one with a blue saphire...

$7700.00, visit

Another Diorette ring in brighter colors available in Dior online boutique:

$6166.00, visit

And if you had a couple of thousands to spend, which Diorette Ring would you splurge for?

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