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15 Adorable and Stylish Alice in Wonderland Inspired Jewelry ...

By Meream

Only a couple of days until I get to see the film! I am excited for so many reasons. In fact, I am so excited that I have made myself a dress just to see the movie. Silly, right? And when I saw that this spring will see the release of Alice in Wonderland-inspired jewelry, my excitement just shoot through the roof! Without a doubt, this film and everything related to it will be a perfect combination of visual orgy, realization of childhood fantasies, whimsy, and jaw-dropping explosion of cute. Here are my favorites from the collections that will soon be released:

Table of contents:

  1. tom binns tea party pendant necklace
  2. stella mccartney alice in wonderland necklace and bracelet
  3. tom binns alice keyhole necklace
  4. tom binns rabbit clock necklace
  5. tom binns multi-layered queen of hearts necklace
  6. tom binns queen of hearts charm bracelet
  7. tom binns mad hatter charms key chain
  8. tom binns keyhole alice in wonderland ring
  9. tom binns mad hatter wrap bracelet
  10. tom binns mad hatter button earrings

1 Tom Binns Tea Party Pendant Necklace

A whimsical combination of silver and gold. I love tea and I just adore this.

2 Stella McCartney Alice in Wonderland Necklace and Bracelet

Rabbit, spade, and heart. I know someone who counts those three as her favorite things. She will go gaga over these.

3 Tom Binns Alice Keyhole Necklace

I am in love! What could be better to spice up a single-color outfit? I am crushing on this because it's not your typical skeleton key necklace. It has keyholes! How very Wonderland is this! Cute, right?

4 Tom Binns Rabbit Clock Necklace

Now this one is quirky and very Lewis Carroll.

5 Tom Binns Multi-Layered Queen of Hearts Necklace

Classy, right? You would not assume that this was released in conjunction to a film based on a classic children's book.

6 Tom Binns Queen of Hearts Charm Bracelet

This bracelet is definitely sassy. Wear it, point to people you don't like, and shout, "Off with their heads!" I kid, I kid.

7 Tom Binns Mad Hatter Charms Key Chain

This may have to be my absolute favorite. Why? Because it has charms related to sewing! I am a crafter, FYI.

8 Tom Binns Keyhole Alice in Wonderland Ring


Another whimsical keyhole creation. I adore the floral "wallpaper" style.
9. Swarovski Tea Party Alice in Wonderland Necklace

I can never resist tea and anything shiny. This necklace was definitely made for me.

10. Swarovski Red Queen Alice in Wonderland Rings


This may be a better accessory for shouting "Off with their heads!"

**11. Swarovski White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland Necklace **

The clock charm sure is cute.
**12. Swarovski Red Queen Alice in Wonderland Earrings **

Very sexy. Have you noticed that the Red Queen-inspired pieces are all sexy?

13. Tom Binns Mad Hatter Tea Party Charm Bracelet


This one is a bit too colorful for my taste but I cannot resist the porcelain-like charms.

14 Tom Binns Mad Hatter Wrap Bracelet

Alice with a touch of grunge? I want one! Or two.

15 Tom Binns Mad Hatter Button Earrings

Again, crushing on these because they're related to sewing.
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