Which Harry Winston Diamond Ring Would You Choose?


Which Harry Winston Diamond Ring Would You Choose?
Which Harry Winston Diamond Ring Would You Choose?

When my heart longs for beauty I always go to one place - HarryWinston.com. When you think about it, it's like the Tiffany's of the 21-st century - a place where nothing bad can happen - there is only beauty and happiness there.

I often browse these** Diamond Rings**, and no matter how long I look at them, I can't decide which one I want to have one day... oh, what the heck, maybe a day will come when I will not have to choose and will get all 3 of them! (yeah, right, but it never hurts to dream, huh? :) )
Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond Ring

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Dear Leanier, I hope so too... thank you for believing in me :)) Dear Riley, I hear you pain, those are my thoughts exactly when I look at 3 of them... :)

You will definitely get that ring before grey hair, dear ;)

Do you have a clue how much they cost? I am so curious.

I want the blue please. (PLEASE! *prays to the nicest gods/divine creatures out there*)

They all look great..but for me..yellow really stands out:D

Blue Diamond-Very sophisticated Pink Diamond-Very Flirtatious Yellow Diamond-Very Bright and Sunny hmm... can i pick all 3? lol

I LOVE the blue diamond...what a beauty!!!

OMG :) i love the pink dimond!!

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