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28 Coolest Oxford Shoes - Lace It up Ladies

By Mabelle

Shoelaces are usually associated with mannish Oxford shoes, sneakers and running shoes. But put them in ladies’ shoes and there’s just something distinctively sexy about the effect.

That’s exactly what the latest trend in footwear is all about – so lace up and check out our top picks for the best laced-up shoes**** this season!

Table of contents:

  1. suede booties with sculpted heels by prada
  2. leather bootie by proenza schouler
  3. patent leather ankle boots with stud detail by missoni
  4. patent leather lace-up boots by emilio pucci
  5. giuseppe zanotti cutout shoe boots
  6. miu miu flat lace-up boots
  7. donna karan suede and exotic-leaf high-heel gladiator sandal
  8. alexander mcqueen leather triple-tongue ankle boot
  9. alexander mcqueen embossed patent-leather brogue boot
  10. alessandro dell'acqua patent leather stiletto
  11. alessandro dell'acqua stiletto with studding and tulle detail
  12. valentino oxford bootie
  13. valentino suede lace peep-toe ankle boot
  14. ralph lauren suede cheshire bootie
  15. proenza schouler python-printed leather bootie
  16. proenza schouler suede mid-calf boot
  17. prada suede lace-up ankle boot
  18. prada suede lace-up ankle boot
  19. pierre hardy leather running shoe
  20. miu-miu leather flat boot
  21. miu-miu leather lace-up boot
  22. manolo blahnik graphic gillie shoe
  23. manolo blahnik our flat two-tone lace-up boot
  24. manolo blahnik ponyhair ankle boot
  25. emilio pucci patent leather lace-up boot
  26. nine west "lazer" laced up boots
  27. alexander mcqueen lace-up boots
  28. yves saint laurent high heel lace up sandal with jeweled medallion

1 Suede Booties with Sculpted Heels by Prada

$695.00, visit
Another must-have in any shoe collector's fall shopping list is this pair of suede booties by Prada. All that designer elegance, the unique sculpted heels and the rich suede material is enough to make any shoe-obsessed fashionista hyperventilate!

2 Leather Bootie by Proenza Schouler

Price upon request, visit
Proenza Schouler is actually a combination of the mother's names of two designers: Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough. The designs from their labels are "sporty, youthful, with occasional mod elements” - and you can’t help but see something of that from the looks of these amazing leather booties.

3 Patent Leather Ankle Boots with Stud Detail by Missoni

Price upon request, visit
One of the dominant themes in the runway for this season is the tough-girl chic look. Portray that exact same image when you wear these patent leather ankle boots with stud details by Missoni.

4 Patent Leather Lace-up Boots by Emilio Pucci

Price upon request, visit
The brightness of this color just makes me want to squint! Look like the ultimate feminine rocker chick in this patent leather lace-up boots by Emilio Pucci.

5 Giuseppe Zanotti Cutout Shoe Boots

$795.00, visit
This pair of cutout shoe boots by Giuseppe Zanotti is the perfect match - it gives an edgy twist to an otherwise feminine outfit.

6 Miu Miu Flat Lace-up Boots

$950.00, visit
If you’re looking for lace-up shoes that you can wear year-round, there’s nothing better than this classic and super-comfy black leather boots from Miu Miu.

7 Donna Karan Suede and Exotic-leaf High-heel Gladiator Sandal

Price upon request, visit
Next up, we have this antique-looking high-heeled gladiator sandal by Donna Karan – notice the lace up material which is made of suede.

8 Alexander McQueen Leather Triple-tongue Ankle Boot

Price upon request, visit
You probably got why this of Alexander McQueen leather boot is called 'triple tongue' – the design is definitely unique!

9 Alexander McQueen Embossed Patent-leather Brogue Boot

Price upon request, visit
You can't believe the workmanship behind the making of this patent leather brogue boots by Alexander McQueen – they're really exquisitely detailed!

10 Alessandro Dell'Acqua Patent Leather Stiletto

Price upon request, visit
Mannish yet still feminine this leather stiletto from Alessandro Dell'Acqua is a great addition to any shoe collection.

11 Alessandro Dell'Acqua Stiletto with Studding and Tulle Detail

Price upon request, visit
At first I thought that this stiletto is made from snakeskin – but it's actually a tulle detailing and those thingies on top of the shoe are studs. Isn't it super fab?

12 Valentino Oxford Bootie

Price upon request, visit
The House of Valentino gave men's Oxfords a feminine twist with this lovely-colored bootie.

13 Valentino Suede Lace Peep-toe Ankle Boot

Price upon request, visit
The lace detailing on this suede peep-toe ankle boot has that age-old Victorian influence.

14 Ralph Lauren Suede Cheshire Bootie

Price upon request, visit
Be as satisfied as the cat that swallowed the canary in this Cheshire bootie by Ralph Lauren.

15 Proenza Schouler Python-printed Leather Bootie

Price upon reqiest, visit
Look like a rockstar goddess in this python-printed leather bootie by Proenza Schouler.

16 Proenza Schouler Suede Mid-calf Boot

Price upon reqiest, visit
I am so falling in love with the color and design of this mid-calf boot by Proenza Schouler – those belt detailing on the calf are just stunning!

17 Prada Suede Lace-up Ankle Boot

Price upon request, visit
When wearing this **Prada **suede lace up ankle boot, let the amazing colors of the shoe stand out by wearing a muted colored outfit.

18 Prada Suede Lace-up Ankle Boot

Price upon request, visit
Prada, Prada, Prada – what can I say? A fashion obsessed girl like me can only heave a sigh of pleasure at this amazing work of art in the form of lace-up ankle boots.

19 Pierre Hardy Leather Running Shoe

Price upon request, visit
Designer **Pierre Hardy **definitely gave the classic running shoe a twist with this edgy leather footwear.

20 Miu-Miu Leather Flat Boot

Price upon request, visit
Give your feet a chance to rest by ditching the high heels and wearing a pair of leather flat boots by Miu Miu.

21 Miu-Miu Leather Lace-up Boot

Price upon request, visit
I just love the combination of rich brown leather and the purple details on this leather lace-up boot by Miu-Miu.

22 Manolo Blahnik Graphic Gillie Shoe

Price upon request, visit
I'm seeing a lot of black and white pieces in our lace-up shoe collection, and this graphic gillie Manolos are no less fabulous.

23 Manolo Blahnik Our Flat Two-tone Lace-up Boot

Price upon request, visit
Be as high-fashion as you can get in this twon-tone lace-up boot by Manolo Blahnik – and the best part is, they're flat!

24 Manolo Blahnik Ponyhair Ankle Boot

Price upon request, visit
No woman in her right mind would ever say no to receiving a pair of this Manolo Blahnik ponyhair ankle boots as a – Christmas present, maybe?

25 Emilio Pucci Patent Leather Lace-up Boot

Price upon request, visit
The classic black leather boots is given a modern twist with the sheen of the patent leather material used by Emilio Pucci.

26 Nine West "Lazer" Laced up Boots

$255.00, visit
The combination of the color, design and lace-up detailing makes this Nine West boots the perfect footwear for me – yay!

27 Alexander Mcqueen Lace-up Boots

$1555.00, visit
This pair of** Alexander McQueen** lace-up boots is definitely meant to be shown off!

28 Yves Saint Laurent High Heel Lace up Sandal with Jeweled Medallion

$895.00, visit
This jewel of a shoe has a medallion accent – and is made of black patent leather. The designer? No less than the house of Yves Saint Laurent.
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