2 Die 4 Nicholas Kirkwood Fluro Python Lace-up Sandals


2 Die 4 Nicholas Kirkwood Fluro Python Lace-up Sandals
2 Die 4 Nicholas Kirkwood Fluro Python Lace-up Sandals

So I'm not as brave as I'd like to be when it comes to experimenting with my clothes, but experimental shoes? That I can do! So if you are a scaredy-cat like me and have trouble stepping outside the box, maybe you should try just a splash of color with these Nicholas Kirkwood Fluro Python Lace-up Sandals.

What's so fab about it: The funky, delish colors! The green leather along with the purple python insert come together to create the perfect combination of elegance and fun (never thought it was possible!). Also, the artistic, large cutouts and the black laces and heel make for the perfect contrast!

Where Would I Wear It: Obviously when the shoes are this fun, I want all eyes on them! So I'd keep the outfit simple. Maybe a girly black dress or a white summer dress and I'm ready for an fun cruise party.

How many Tall Lattes it's worth: 406

Where to look 4 it: luisaviaroma.com

All in all, the Nicholas Kirkwood Fluro Python Lace-ups are a pair of gorgeous sandals that make for a melting point of all things fabulous! Do you think you'd be able to do them justice?

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this is beautiful I love it !

Wow Sheilaaaaa!! As always you surprice me! I wonder where you find all those beautiful wear gifts! I've neve seen nail glasses and I totally love those :)

Cute funny dress! :)

Is it designed by Taylor or is it just something she wore? It's really cute!

hi sheila maybe you could do a 2 die 4 section that is within my budget :)

These shoes would be great with black jeans and a black blouse. And what's with the comments? There all mixed up, they're talking about Taylor Swift's prom dress! Where did that come from, isn't these "python lace-up sandals"?

are you trying to kill me with too much joy? um can I say yay for this dress... so fun and perfect to twirl around in!

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