7 Stunning Wedding Veils ...

Here Comes The Bride...dum dum da dum... BUT WAIT! She's not wearing a veil. Oh dear! She must not have had this list of 7 stunning wedding veils to choose from and finally gave up trying to find the perfect one. Thank goodness you found it! Read on for 7 of the most gorgeous wedding veils I've found as I plan and prepare my own special day!

1. White Oval Solloped Bugle Bead Crystal Shape Drop Wedding Bridal Veil

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Price: $29.99 at amazon.com
Elegance and class were never so easily achieved! This veil is for the timeless, classic bride who follows tradition and loves simple things. Very demure and alluring with beautiful pearl detailing along the edge, this veil would go with just about any style of wedding dress!

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