10 Tips for Choosing the Right Personal Trainer ...


10 Tips for Choosing the Right Personal Trainer ...
10 Tips for Choosing the Right Personal Trainer ...

By show of hands, how many of you made a New Year's resolution to get fit? And how many stuck to it? If you're having trouble sticking to your exercise routine, why not train under a personal trainer? Personal trainers have become more common and affordable than ever, and they are the perfect way to target your troublesome areas and get you looking great. How do you know who to choose, though? I’ve done some research, and here are my top ten tips for choosing a personal trainer...

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Qualifications Photo Credit: Chuckumentary

A personal trainer should have a certificate in personal training and have public liability and professional indemnity insurance. If they don’t, steer clear. They aren’t ready for clients just yet! The insurance is important, as if you get injured, you might need to make a claim.



Appearance Photo Credit: newlight2

A personal trainer should look his part! If they are slouching, look unfit or are scruffy, your results probably won’t be very good. Your trainer should be the picture ofperfect health, as they are trained to know how to treat the body!


No Distractions

No Distractions Photo Credit: Milica Sekulic

A personal trainer should dedicate their time to you, whether in the initial meeting and discussion or once they are training you. They should leave their phone behind or at least put it on silent and devote all their attention to you. After all, you are paying for their time!


Fitness Test

Fitness Test Photo Credit: Steve O: in NC

A trainer should insist on carrying out a fitness test every so often. This is to ensure they know exactly what you’ll be able to cope with, and how healthy you are. While it might not be running through cones or crawling across the floor, it should test your limits and give a good idea of your general fitness and improvement.



Punctuality Photo Credit: ckaiserca

You’ll probably pay your trainer by the hour, so it’s important that they are good at keeping time and are punctual. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying for time you didn’t get and feel rushed and cheated.



Professionalism Photo Credit: photog_friend

Your trainer should keep your sessions very professional and not come into your personal space often. If they have to touch you to help you, they should be professional and make sure both of you are comfortable.


Goal Setting

Goal Setting Photo Credit: lululemon athletica

Your trainer should talk about your goals with you and set targets tokeep you motivated. They should also talk to you about how you will reach them and make you feel inspired and able to do it. If they don’t, they’ll have no idea what you are working towards and so won’t be able to help you.



Updates Photo Credit: {.clochette la fée.}

Your trainer should regularly update your goals and targets and talk to you about your lifestyle and what you can do to further achieve your targets. This means you are both on the same page and your trainer can compensate for exercises you can’t do or find painful.


Back up Plan

Back up Plan Photo Credit: saizod

A successful personal trainer will have other trainers they can call upon to cover sessions that they can’t make and that will already know your targets and session plan. This ensures you don’t miss out and stay on your weightloss target.



Focus Photo Credit: mjsavage29

Each trainer will have a specialization, whether its a certain body part or something more general, such as weight loss. Make sure you know what yours is and what you need. Finding one that's the most matched to your needs will ensure best results!

Pick out a few numbers, and meet somewhere neutral for a chat. Mark them out of ten from the list above, and when you find one that ticks all the boxes, sign yourself up! You’ll give your body the best care possible and ensure a good, reliable trainer too. Have you got a tip for picking a trainer, or a recommendation? Please let me know!

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This is great advice. I need to find a personal trainer, so will definitely be using these tips.

Wow awesome list! If I ever can afford a trainer and dietitian I will be certain to bring these expectations of with them before money changes hands.

Good basic article but I'd like to see more emphasis on dietary instruction. It's all very well working out to instruction but it's all blown if the client then goes out and Big Macs :-) BB

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