15 Tips on Getting Back to Exercise Routine after a Break ...


15 Tips on Getting Back to Exercise Routine after a Break ...
15 Tips on Getting Back to Exercise Routine after a Break ...

Maybe you got sick or injured, or got bored, or went on vacation, or just got too busy at work or at schoo, the point is you haven’t gone back to your exercise routine after a breakl. Whatever the reason, you haven’t worked out in a while and you’re missing your routine. But how can you possibly get motivated after such a long break? Here are my top 15 tips on getting back to your exercise routine after a break

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Re-evaluate the Time and Place

Re-evaluate the Time and Place Did you stop going to your gym because it was out of your way, or because their hours didn’t support your schedule? If this is the case, then you may want to join another gym, one that’s closer to home or to work or school. It would also help to decide when to go, and make it the same time each day. I go every morning, directly after I drop my little one off at school. If the gym wasn’t right there, or if they weren’t open when I drop her off, I’d have to go somewhere else. Find a gym that is open at a time you know you’ll go there, and that you have to drive right past. If you have to drive past it every day, you’ll think about it more, right? Also, if you find you’re too tired to work out on the way home from school or work, then plan to do it before your day begins. Use no excuses because it is time you get back to your exercise routine after a break.


Look at Your Program

Look at Your Program If you stopped working out because it got too hard, or too boring, or your stopped seeing results, then it’s time to look at your routine and change it up a bit. Add something new! Tired of the view from that boring old treadmill? Try an elliptical or rowing machine, and choose another spot in the gym. Sick of sit-ups? Try crunches or leg-lifts instead. Try lifting weights one day, cardio exercises the other. Mixing it up will keep you interested for longer.


Don’t Feel Guilty!

Don’t Feel Guilty! You probably feel pretty bad about quitting your exercise program, and you might be afraid the check-in girl at the gym will give you some grief. If that silly girl makes any snarky comments, just ignore her. She probably means it to be encouraging, not mean. And stop feeling guilty! It won’t help, and it may even make you less motivated to make a change.


Find a Workout Buddy

Find a Workout Buddy I’ve found one of the best ways to jump-start my exercise program after a break is to find a work-out buddy! During the first few weeks, it can be hard to stay motivated to go, and you might be tempted to skip a day, and go back to your slovenly ways, if your buddy wasn’t there to egg you on and keep you honest! Remember, too, that you provide that same motivation to your work-out buddy, so you’re both important for each other’s success! Personally, I'd love to work out with super fit celebrities just to know their secrets.


Check with Your Doctor

Check with Your Doctor If you quit your exercise routine because of an injury or illness, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor to make sure you’re well enough to go back to the same program. Your doctor may recommend starting off with something less strenuous, so be prepared to make a few changes.


Treat Yourself!

Treat Yourself! If you need just a little extra incentive to head back to the gym, treat yourself to new work-out clothes, shoes, or gear. Seriously, if you saw the ratty sweatpants I used to wear to the gym each morning, you’d totally agree that buying new gear is a great way to get motivated to get back into your exercise routine. It worked for me! And once you see how well (or not) those clothes fit you, maybe you'll even be motivated to stick to a diet.


Take a Class

Take a Class Sometimes it’s a good idea to start off with a class, something fun and interesting and challenging, before you get back into your old exercise routine. The class will be chock full of potential work-out buddies, and you’ll be sure to learn some new technique, exercise, or maybe even adance move! Taking a class is a great idea if you quit your exercise routine because you got bored with it. Start off slow, maybe take up a weekend classand see how you like it. I bet it will put you right back on track!


Look at the Scale

Look at the Scale If you quit working out, you may have thrown the food journal you so religiously maintained, started eating more junk food, or ignoring your healthy eating habits, too. You’ve noticed your clothes are fitting differently, but you’ve avoided the scale until now. Once you see in black and white exactly how far off the wagon you’ve fallen, you may just go to the gym and start your exercise routine again that very minute!

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Pump up the Jam!

Pump up the Jam! The right music always makes work-out better, and makes it go by faster, too! Update your iPod with your newest favorite songs, grab your new trainers and work-out wear, and get back to the gym! At the top of my cardio playlist right now: Pumpkin Soup (Kate Nash) and Time to Pretend (MGMT). Also check out the workout playlists at fitnessmagazine.com. Fun!


Get Some Inspiration

Personally when I get to the point when I have to drag myself to the gym, I always have to re-set my mindset by reading some inspiration stories. So if you feel like you need a kick to get you to the gym, search up some weight loss stories online! Believe me, they can be very motivational and they can amplify your desire to hit the gym. Because after all if they can do it, why can’t you?


Find a Role Model

Another way to increase your interest in exercise is to find a role model. Watch a Victoria Secret Fashion Show if you need to! I think that you always need someone to look up to even if it is for their physique. With hard work and dedication, you can definitely reach your goal of toning your you arms or defining your legs just like they did.


Make Exercise a Habit

Once you have set up an appropriate time and date for your exercise routine, it is time to actually implement it in your daily life. If you want exercise to get easier for you, than you have to hit the gym at the same time each day. This way it will become a healthy habit. After a couple of weeks of getting used to it, you won’t even try to skip a day!


Start with Enjoyable Exercises

Instead of completely diving into vigorous exercise, I think it is important to start off easy with exercise that you actually enjoy doing. By running 10 miles a day right off the bat, you might scare yourself off and associate the gym with pain and sorrow. And you can’t afford to do that, that early in the stage of your exercise routine. So start off nice and slow, and increase the level and time of your exercise as you go on.


Keep a Journal

When I first get back into exercising, I always try to keep a diary of what I did and what I ate. I think it can serve as a great reminder to work harder and it can help you with having control over yourself. Once you actually put down your exercise and diet on paper, it all becomes real!


Just do It!

Just do It! Stop whining, rationalizing, and thinking about it and just do it! Get your butt back to the gym and get back on that elliptical machine! You’ll feel better once you’ve stopped procrastinating and started over again. What better way to get back into your exercise routine after a break than to just do it? Go! Go now!

It’s hard to make it back to the gym that first time, but after a few days, you’ll be right back at it, and feeling great again! Have you ever gone back to the gym after a break? How did you get back into your exercise routine? Please let me know thanks!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Vladlena Lee

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Great tips. Sometimes, my "breaks" can last a couple of months. It's a sad, sad situation.

This is the story of my life except for the "break" is a few months. Gotta get back on that exercise plan! :)

Hopefully I will go back to my workout schedule starting tomorrow. I am been extremely busy last few weeks and my workout routine went down the drain. My scale is hidden under pile of clothes at the moment. Thanks for the adivice.

heehee, fUtness trying something different always works for me and group training, that way you have to get your butt out of the house instead of watching the last 10 minutes of a random tv show I don't care about

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