5 Things to Inspire You to Get Fit NOW...



Fix That Posture

Despite my dabbling in yoga, I admit that my posture leaves a lot of be desired. If you want to have better posture, check out these videos with me.

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My favorite exercise music is of the crass/nasty hip hop variety or Asian instrumental type. Extremes, right? What's yours? If you fancy indie cardio tunes, check out this post.


Norah of College Candy has taken it upon herself to get fit this month. She is the least athletic person she knows but she is determined to give working out a try. I'm sure many of you can relate so let's follow her journey!


I think Jessica has one of the best behinds in Hollywood today. Discover her secrets here!


Have you ever found an old photo of when you looked healthy and fit? That photo is one great motivator to start running or working out again.

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Interesting article! I'll get moving asap. Btw, I'd kill for Jessie Biel's bod! -Angelina.

I always thought that Kim Kardash had a great bootay :D I use her as inspiration. I love to use Kanye West's upbeat songs to keep me movin'

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