4 Pros and Cons of Getting Fit with Friends ...


4 Pros and Cons of Getting Fit with Friends ...
4 Pros and Cons of Getting Fit with Friends ...

With exercise evolving everyday you’ll find that working with an exercise buddy or in groups can spice up your workouts and help you succeed with your weight loss at a much faster rate. Not only will having work-out buddies help you enjoy your time at the gym more, but you'll be inspired to get fit watching each other work out. . But there are some things you need to keep in mind when working out with a partner or group setting.

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Can Lead to Amazing Results

Exercising in a group can lead to amazing results. If you make an effort to push and motivate each other, then seeing results will come faster than you think.


Awesome Support

Being able to be there for one another is important because if one person from the group lacks a certain skill or isn’t as conditioned as other participants, then that person will need your help to continue on and vice versa.


Be Picky of Who You Choose

Sometimes weight loss success does come with a catch…unfortunately. Especially in a group setting, if one person is seeing more results than another, then this might cause a jealous feud to begin. Frustration will kick in because one person might think that she’s putting in the same time and effort with no, or little results.

This is why picking and choosing who you work with is very important. If the group understands that everyone’s body is different and will react differently to different exercises, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Take your time and choose your exercise companions with care.


Ditch Negative People

The last thing you want to do is have a super negative person join you and suck your energy, enthusiasm and health straight down the drain. It’ a good idea to workout with women who share similar goals, this way you can all be on the same page and progress at the same rate.

In the end more and more women are pairing up, or even forming an exercise group to get through their workouts. It’s a great motivational strategy to keep you on track and achieve your goals at a much faster rate than if you did it alone.

So if you’re stuck in a rut with your exercise routines grab a friend to help you skyrocket your fitness to the next level.

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@FupDuckTV the cons would be picking the wrong person to workout out with you and having a partner who is super negative.

I love exercising with my friends, but just recently I noticed that one of my friends has been really bitter. After having a talk about her attitude I found out that she has been bitter because she hasn't been seeing results as fast as the rest of us. I am encouraging her to keep working out with us for support, but now it's not as fun as it used to be.

I love exercising with my boyfriend but we stick to jogging since he finds yoga too "girly." We're great at keeping each other motivated. :D

How is this a Pro & Con article??? There is only Pro advice here. That is OK, he is the CON: 1) Can lead to frustration - "How come Stephanie keeps loosing weight but I'm turning into a beached walrus?" 2) Underhanded Compliments - "You look amazing, you only have 40 more pounds to loose before you look normal." 3) Reward only success, Punish failure - "We're thin, You're still fat! GET OUT!" 4) Promote Cliques - "This club is only for thin people that take working out seriously. No fatties allow."

There was only this one time when I went to gym with a friend and it was great! We kept each other motivated. He even taught me how to swim. So yes, it can really work out if you're with the right person.

I love practicing with the team for track and other sports it really keeps me motivated!!!

Working out with my spouse works out great because: 1) OPPOSITES: We have complete different morphologies being a man and a woman, therefore our expectations/ goals are different and do not conflict with each other or create jealousy. 2) MOTIVATION: While we may have different hobbies (squash vs. horse-riding), we motivate each other to do the "hard work", the weight-lifting. We use the same equipment with different weights and take turns. This ensures no excuses and constant encouragement. 3) SEXY: We want to look good for each other... he wants a flater belly and more defined muscles, I want stronger legs and buttocks. It is exciting to work hard to maintain the looks that attracted us to each other in the first place! 4)QUALITY TIME: this is a common activity that forces us to take time aside in the evening and avoid us ending our day like "couch potatoes"! The key to succeeding working out as a couple though is for both parties to ensure they have utmost tolerance for each other's different habits, and encourage each other in LOVE, NO NAGGING!! Example: it is not fair I can eat strawberry pie and chocolate (in small quantity) and not gain wait, while my husband has to dedicate his complete lifestyle to the complement the exercise routine...

Maybe I just haven't met proper "fitness friends," but I find that I enjoy working out on my own. I feel like I get a better workout when I simply focus on the task at hand as opposed to talking to friends.

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