Top 10 Weekend Activities to Help You Lose Weight ...


Top 10 Weekend Activities to Help You Lose Weight ...
Top 10 Weekend Activities to Help You Lose Weight ...

When you’re at school or work, it might be easier to stick to your diet, because you’re too busy to think about eating.

But what about on the weekend? We know we ought to hit the gym or go buy healthful food at the grocery store, but the couch and that bag of chips are irresistible.

Here are some tried-and-true tips to keeping active on the weekend, to help you lose those few extra pounds, or just to maintain your healthy weight.

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Walk, Rather than Drive

If you have a bunch of errands to run on Saturday, walk or ride your bike instead of driving. And bring a bottle of water instead of Gatorade or a soda. If one of your errands is the grocery store, make sure to eat BEFORE you go. Never shop hungry!


Clean Your Room

Health experts say that you can burn a lot of calories just cleaning house. So grab that vacuum and your iPod and get to cleaning!



That’s right: play! Plan a day of play with your younger siblings, or your own kids. Run around outside playing tag, duck duck goose, or hide and seek. This is my very favorite way to get winded.


Work in the Yard

Someone has to mow the lawn, weed the garden, rake the leaves, or shovel the snow. Why not you? It’s a great way to spend time outside, and burn calories at the same time.


Hit the Beach

Pack a bag with sunscreen, water, and fresh fruit, then hit the beach! But instead of laying in the sand, play beach volleyball or go for a swim.


Get Creative at the Gym

It’s hard to be inspired at the gym when you do the same workout all the time. Try taking a class on Saturdays with a couple of girlfriends.


Play inside, Too

There are lots of indoor gyms that offer all kinds of fun activities, like rock climbing walls. But you can also get a good workout at the roller skating rink or even playing paintball or laser tag.


Go to the Park

When I was little, I always begged my mother to take me to the park. Admit it! You still like swinging on he swings and climbing on the monkey bars! I know I still do…



Running is great cardio exercise. Run a little more each weekend, then sign up for a 5k run to benefit breast cancer research in the spring. You’ll be amazed how well you will do!



The weekend is a great time to volunteer with organizations like Habitat for Humanity. So get off the couch and burn some calories by helping build a house! You’ll feel good inside and out.

What do you like to do on the weekend that helps you stay slim and healthy? How do you resist the temptation to stay on the couch watching re-runs of Grey's Anatomy? Please share!

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Penelope, You're actually right! Some two weeks ago I started evening Aerobics classes and I find them really helpful and enjoyable as I always have a good laugh with my best gal'.

Is there any "Safe" Fat burning supplements to take?

Loool at Sheila!! :P Well I must say that happens to me sometimes too! Vodka with rasberry juice is irresistable for me!!!!

Shiela, Looool! Come on make some courage and start exersising girl!! You're going to try alot of sports which you won't like (if your lazy just like me) but by trying you'll find something interesting which you will love (HOPEFULLY! :P) Mine is aerobics right now! And it's even good for our own helth! :)

Sheila, Sheers! :) Yeah do that and I'm sure you'll feel much better. I hate gym too! And such work out without a nice muscular guy to help you is boring, isn't it :P Lolies.. Post me how you'll find your classes! :)

Thanks again Sheila, this seems rather interesting. Now my instracter is going to bring me a copy of her dvd from internet. I'll see how I find it! Right now I'm doing all i can to exersise my self, you know so when Christmas arrives I would be fit again and forget that it's a sin to eat all the chocolates :P

the workouts on on demand. they range from every workout you can think of. dancing,cardio,pilates yoga,ect. go find out for yourself

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