19 Tips on How to Lose Leg Fat Fast ...


19 Tips on How to Lose Leg Fat Fast ...
19 Tips on How to Lose Leg Fat Fast ...

I know there are many individuals out there who would like to lose leg fat. If that's something that has been holding you back, then you are reading the right post! With fat loss in the leg area, you will notice your self confidence going up and you will be able to wear tight jeans, shorts and skirts without ever worrying about how your legs look and what others think.

So, without any further ado, please welcome the 19 tips which will help you get rid of that leg fat fast and for good!

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Get Motivated

Get Motivated This tip is one tip that is a must. Without doing this, you are not going to lose that fat fast. You see, motivation is the key to everything, including losing leg fat. If you would really like to succeed, then strong motivation is something you will be in need of.

Think of something that might motivate you 3 times a day - it might be pictures of celebrities with gorgeous legs, a pair of skinny jeans you no longer fit it, the legs of the girl from 2B apartment you wish you had etc. These thoughts are not very pleasant, on the contrary, they kind of make us feel bad, but that's exactly what we need. We need to feel the pain, the lack of something we truly want and only that bad feeling will give us enough strength to achieve our goal - make the perfect legs happen to us!


Stock on Patience

Stock on Patience Patience is another key that you will need. Yes, I understand that you would like to lose that leg fat in a day or two, but let's face it, it is not going to happen like this. You will need to work at it and put a lot of effort into losing that leg fat. So, prepare yourself for a 1 month minimum time. And don't get disappointed when you do not see the results the next day.


Exercise. Exercise. Exercise

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise Obviously, you need to do exercises. There are many different types of exercise that you will be able to do in order to get rid of that leg fat. Yes, at first, those exercises may seem a bit tough and tiring. However, once you get used to them, in no time, those exercises will be easy. Besides, after a couple of weeks, you will start to see the results of work you put into it. The most effective exercises are the following: jogging, fast walking, sprint running for short distances, sit-ups, swimming, dancing, pilates, aerobics.


Create a Routine

Create a Routine I recommend you create a routine and stick to it. If you only do your exercises once a week, then this is not going to work. I recommend you choose at least four days a week to do the exercises. If you neglect to do them, then it will take a much longer time to get those skinny legs you have been wanting for so long.


Ballet Squats

Ballet Squats Have you ever heard of ballet squats? These are a form of exercise that targets your lower body, including your thighs and legs. I have personally used this type of exercise and that is how I lost weight. To start this, all you have to do is bend your knees as you are making sure your torso is upright, You should be holding your hands on your waist or out in front of you. Your knees will have to travel in line with your toes. You should lower yourself as low as you can go. Make sure you do not hurt yourself with this one and keep the back straight.


Reverse Lunge

Reverse Lunge It's another exercise that many individuals have used in order to lose weight quickly in their legs. Start out with your feet about eight inches apart and your torso erect. Take an easy step backward. Lower your hips until your front thigh is parallel or straight to the floor. The position of your knee should be directly over your ankle and foot.



Running I also highly recommend running. Running is a great exercise when it comes to losing weight not only in the legs, but in the rest of the body as well. It will increase your heart rate and it's a good aerobic activity. Running is also going to speed up that metabolism.


Ride a Bike

Ride a Bike Riding a bike is another important exercise to do if you are looking to lose weight. When there is nice weather outside, why not ride your bikes? You may also go to the gym and exercise on the bikes they have there.


Team Sports

Team Sports Playing sports is also a great idea. And it's also a lot of fun! It will speed up your heart rate and help you burn fat off of your whole body, including your legs. Some good sports include basketball, soccer and football.



Swimming If you like swimming and you have access to a pool, then look no further - it's not only a great workout for every single muscle in your body, it's also the greatest way to get your whole body toned and lose that leg fat that's been bothering you for so long. And it's also very pleasant, so you practically kill all the birds with one stone! :)


Drink Water

Drink Water Drinking water is another important factor. With that thought in mind, you need to avoid those fizzy drinks as they are no good for you. Nor they are good for those legs of yours. Start drinking 8 glasses of water a day and in just a few weeks you'll see how much faster the weight loss is going.


Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy By reducing your calories and eating healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, oatmeal. white meat, whole grain foods, you will be doing your body good. And you will be shedding off those pounds by weeks. You'll see!


Never Give up

Never Give up If you do not see improvements in your legs in a week, then you should not give up. Those improvements will start to show through in no time, if you use these tips, so don't panic, and keep doing what you are doing. You perfect legs are almost there!


Chair Exercises…

Chair Exercises… Using the back of a chair to hold on to, stand on your toes and swing your left foot over to your right foot and then bring it back to stretch it as high as you can. Continue for 10 reps then switch over to your right foot for 10 reps. Depending on your ability, you can do 2 or 3 sets of this exercise.


Yoga Exercises

Yoga Exercises Yoga moves like the Sun Salutation, Downward Dog, and Warrior are great for losing leg fat. They will not only help you with losing fat, but are great moves for stretching and feeling relaxed.



Dancing Whether you sign up for a dance class or buy video games like, “Just Dance” or “Dance, Dance Revolution”, dancing is a fun way to lose leg fat and tone your leg muscles. With dancing you are constantly moving your legs and burning overall calories, it’s a win win for your entire body!


Take the Stairs…

Take the Stairs… Do you work on the 4th or 5th floor of your office building and opt to take the elevator every day? Well if you’re looking to lose leg fat fast, get off that elevator and take the stairs! Don’t just take them in the morning in and on your way home, walk up and down them several times during your lunch break as well. You’ll be surprised to see how fast you tone your legs once you start using the stairs as part of your everyday routine.


Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope Want to feel like a kid again and lose leg fat at the same time?! Jumping rope is a great exercise that will keep your legs moving and help you lose overall fat. It’s also a great exercise for your arms if you are trying to tone them as well.


Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers This exercise move is not only great for your legs, but will also help tone your abs, and who doesn’t love that! Starting out in a push-up position, lift your right foot and bring your knee to your chest and back down again. Repeat this with your left leg and then back again to your right leg; you will switch back and forth between your legs after you put the other one down. Do this for 20 to 30 reps, start out with a slow pace and as you get the hang of it, lift each leg faster.

PS: please don't forget to measure your legs in the problem areas and write that down. Check your progress every 3 days with the measuring tape. Good luck!

Have you got a tip of your own that worked for you? Please share it with all of us!

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I'm 14 turning 15 in 3 months, I weigh 120 pounds and I'm 5'2 I have medium thighs but I think I could get them a bit more tiny. What do you recommend?

Hi, I'm 14 and I have never been happy with my thighs but two things that really really help are squats and running. I noticed a difference within three days. Hang in there everyone, one day we will all have great legs hopefully! :)

My legs are the only part of my body i dont like. Ill try this!

Its spring and its getting warmer... I need to lose my thighs, hips and arms. I'm and 120, 13 yrs old. I don't want to be noticable when im trying to eat right and work out. What could I do?

Also, do you guys know, particularly Denise, if these tips help you lose weight in general too? Around the stomach in addition to the thighs/legs?

I hear you girls I'm 11 and I weigh 112 pounds and I know how it feels you just want to be so skinny for the summer and longer' my twin is so skinny and she eats fatty and I stick to salads and light foods and I bike I mean I hate my legs and stomachs I at least want to weigh 90 how will I do it before school is over you can find me on facebook or we can stay here but I know what you feel ladies thx

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