12 Top Exercises for Losing Leg Fat Fast ...


I know summer's over, but why not to start losing weight for those winter holidays when you'll be seeing a whole lot of family and friends, huh? So, if you are after skinny, sexy legs, try these exercises and get the legs you've always wanted!

12. Intensive Walking

The most easiest exercise that will help you lose leg fat involves walking. When you walk, your legs will be getting the right work out. Take note that a slight stroll is not going to cut it. When you walk, you need to put some effort in it. Walking uphill is a great idea. If you are walking on a treadmill, then you may want to put it at a fifteen percent incline. However, twenty percent would be best. I recommend you walking to twenty minutes a day. If you are naturally walking, then thirty minutes a day would be your best bet.

Calve Raises
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