12 Top Exercises for Losing Leg Fat Fast ...

By Melanie

12 Top Exercises for Losing Leg Fat Fast ...

I know summer's over, but why not to start losing weight for those winter holidays when you'll be seeing a whole lot of family and friends, huh? So, if you are after skinny, sexy legs, try these exercises and get the legs you've always wanted!

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12 Intensive Walking

The most easiest exercise that will help you lose leg fat involves walking. When you walk, your legs will be getting the right work out. Take note that a slight stroll is not going to cut it. When you walk, you need to put some effort in it. Walking uphill is a great idea. If you are walking on a treadmill, then you may want to put it at a fifteen percent incline. However, twenty percent would be best. I recommend you walking to twenty minutes a day. If you are naturally walking, then thirty minutes a day would be your best bet.

11 Calve Raises

Calve raises is another top exercise that I have used. This will involve you standing with your heels hanging over a stair. Raise up onto the balls of your feet and go down as much as you can. You are standing on a stair to make the exercise more intense.

10 Add Some Weights

Adding ankle weights to your exercises would be a great idea as this will increase the benefits of the exercise. As an example, if you are doing calve raises, walking or running, then ankle weights will come in handy.

9 Jump

Do you know those mini-trampolines? Well, jumping on them is a great exercise that will help you lose leg fat. You can jump in short bursts of only two minutes anytime you want. You can do it as you are watching television.

8 Jog

Jogging is better than walking as you will be really putting your legs to the test.

7 Squat

Do you know those quadriceps? These are a very effective form of exercise that will work your quadriceps and that is the squat technique.

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6 Exercise Adductors

In order to lose that fat in your legs, exercising the adductors is a great idea. This exercise will require you laying on the floor. Lay on your right side and lift your head up and raise your right arm for some support. Keep your right leg on the floor as you are raising your right leg slowly. Do twenty repetitions of these, then let your right leg go down.

5 Exercise Hamstring

In order to lose thigh fat, you need to exercise your hamstring. For this exercise, bend your legs as you bring your heels as close to your buttocks as possible.

4 Lift Legs

Another great exercise involves laying on your side and lifting your leg up, then laying it down again. I recommend you doing twenty to fifty of these on each leg.

3 Eat Healthy

This may sound odd, but this is something that goes hand in hand with exercising. If you do not eat healthy, then your exercises may not be as effective. You need to kiss the bad food goodbye and turn to things such as fruit, vegetables, fish, white meat, whole grain. If possible, start eating organic.

2 Play It up

Instead of running each day, playing sports instead would be effective. While you are playing sports, you will be so busy and you will not even realize you are exercising. Sports such as tennis, basketball, racquetball and football are wonderful for losing fat in the legs.

1 Go to the Gym

When you go to the gym, you are going to come across many forms of exercising machines that you will be able to use in order to lose that leg fat quickly. Plus it will be easy to stay motivated with all the exercising people around.

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Ive ben trying to lose weight from my inner thighs by jogging every morning....but my legs are still short and bulky :( any.adviice?

Thanks so much for making this websight it really has helped

Ive been doing exercise like these each morning before i go to school, gives me a energy boast and my legs have started tonning up a bit. Thanks =]. But have any more exercise to help me? Im 14 and really want to lose leg weight before dec. I love jogging but i dont like running in the public only on treadmills. Help ? =S

Hi, I am 11 and me and my sister is trying to exercise and walk and drink more water every day and do 20 curl up every single day. But we are gaining pounds. Me and my sister want to lose belly fat and leg fat. My sister name is Christina she is 8 year old. Some of my jeans don't fit me no more. My pants size now for jeans is a ''16''. My sister jeans size is a ''6''. When I was in 5th grade my jeans size was a 12,14. My weight is 17.50 pounds My goal for my weight is 80 pounds. My sister weight is 100.5. I want to lose weight fast. I would do everything to sacrifice to lose weight.

Hi, I'm thirteen and I REALLY need to lose leg fat. My goal is to wear skinnies :). Can I use these exercises so I lose fat but dont gain alot of muscle? Because if I gain in muscle what I lose in fat, it's not really worth it... ;)

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