7 Video Games That Will Burn Calories ...


7 Video Games That Will Burn Calories ...
7 Video Games That Will Burn Calories ...

Okay ladies, you should always look forward to losing weight in different unique ways and a new one is through video games. Yeah, we know most women don't like video games and rather run outside. However, for those that like video games and like different ways to lose weight, you should read my 7 Video Games That Will Burn Calories…

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Wii Bowling

Wii Bowling Photo Credit: daveandfaye

With Wii Bowling, you must make sure you do the right actions and strength to make that bowling ball go knock down the pins. With each movement, you will burn calories in the butt, abs and leg muscles. You will enjoy countless hours of bowling and burn many calories per game.


High School Musical 3 on Xbox 360

High School Musical 3 on Xbox 360 Photo Credit: gamertagradio

Just like dance revolution, you dance to the moves and set the difficulty. Although, it does have the same calorie settings like the dance revolution. Calories can still be burned through each setting. You will find this game is definitely will make you move to burn those unwanted calories.


Wii Fitness

Wii Fitness Photo Credit: Still Alive (Busy)

The balance board is needed for this game for the Wii. This game is amazing! The game can teach you all you need to know about losing weight and can tell you what calories you're burning to each game experience. The Wii balance board takes your weight and calculates how many calories you need to lose. This game has many exercises that will help you lose weight and burn calories the right way.


Wii Sports

Wii Sports Photo Credit: GamingBits

Now, we're talking! This game is my favorite for the Nintendo Wii system. You can play tennis or even bowl. With each sports game, you have to be interactive with the controller to get the right effects. The game makes playing sports inside a new beginning. Many calories can be burned with each game you play.


Star Wars Light Saber Game

Star Wars Light Saber Game Photo Credit: popculturegeek.com

YeaH, a kind of weird aspect to burning calories, but did you know how much you have to move in this game? You have to defend, jump, move left or right, and attack. A perfect aerobic exercise that allows you to burn many calories as you play with a partner or the computer-controlled player.


Mario Party 8 Wii

Mario Party 8 Wii Photo Credit: Link of Hyrule Kontrol

Yes, it's Mario party! My favorite game that has me and my family enjoying family time and losing weight. There are many mini games that need you to jump, move or even swing your arms around. With these mini games, you burn at least 1000 calories in a few hours.


Dance Eevolution 3 for the Xbox 360!

Dance Eevolution 3 for the Xbox 360! Photo Credit: tonyleplusmieux

Do you like to dance as I do? Well, for those that don't mind dancing and using their feet to beat a dance pad, this game is for you. In the game options, you can put it on any level of gameplay or to how many calories you want to burn. The more calories you want to burn the more you have to move. Each song in the game unlocks new songs and adds a fun aspect to the game. So, do you want to burn calories? This imitates jogging and dance type acrobatics that helps burn fat and builds body muscles. With each song, you can burn up to 500 calories or more.

Our list of top calorie burning games is finally over and we hope it helps you burn calories. With each game we mentioned, you could make it a work out and have fun doing it. Do you think these games will help you lose weight?

Top Photo Credit: beastandbean

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