8 Top Abs Exercises ...


8 Top Abs Exercises ...
8 Top Abs Exercises ...

It's time to work those abs ladies! For those looking for the best abs exercises, you should listen to what I have to tell you. You might be surprised at how easy it is to make those abs iron tight. Although, you need to make effort to sticking to these ideas per day or week. Therefore, a good routine workout should be planed. Listen to what I have to say.

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Torso Twists

Torso Twists Photo Credit: michaelvanlaere

When you begin this exercise, you need to make sure you stretch. The stretching helps you avoid injury that could hurt your abs and being hurt will stop your routine exercising. You might consider using a stair way or a wall to stretch your body. When you twist the torso, you use abs and pull the muscles to make them tight. Very good exercise for those looking for a easy at home exercise.


Bicycle Kicks

Bicycle Kicks Photo Credit: allmothers

This is a hard exercise to do for most people, but it's very effective. You can do this in your own home on the floor. You need to place your arms behind your back and do a bicycling action kick with your legs. This is a fast way to get abs, because it works everything in your stomach.


Leg Rise

The leg rise is a simple way to make the abs tight. You need to have the right equipment for this exercise, because you have to dangle yourself between two poles to lift your feet. With this exercise, it stretches the abs to keep your legs in the air. This is an effective exercise. Although, try to pace yourself, because you can pull a muscle easy this way.


Ball Crunches

Ball Crunches Photo Credit: adria.richards

The exercise ball is one of the best types of exercising partners that I have ever used. You can get one in any store and at a low cost. The ball can stretch you and help you exercise without a partner. That's why I call it the best partner ever. When you get the ball all you need to do is place your back and legs firm on the ground to stop you from falling. You then put your hands behind your head and push up to you chest. It will work the stomach muscles and lower abs.


Vertical Leg Crunches

Once again another easy exercise that can be down on your floor in the home and without a exercising tool. Simply just take your body and lay down flat. Put your legs up in the air and place your arms behind you head. Lift the head up with your arms to you head. Effective for your abs and butt.

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Long Arm Crunch

Long Arm Crunch Photo Credit: dynamicbalance

You can do this yet again on the floor or on the mat. Start the exercise with you on your back and your knees bent. You take your arms and stretch them past your head. Once you do that, you need to keep your hands straight with each crunch to the chest. Doing this everyday will make some abs on your body.


Reverse Crunch

Reverse Crunch Photo Credit: MyGymworkout.co.uk

With the reverse crunch, you simply take your legs and put them in the air with knees bending. Overlap your legs to make it stable and do more crunches to the chest. This results with exercising the butt, thigh and abs. You should put this on a every other day basis in order to avoid harm to your muscles.


On Your Elbows and Toes

For my last and the best abs workout, we have the plank on elbows and toes exercise. This can be difficult if you have bad feet or elbows, because you need them. To start this exercise off, you should get on your elbows and then stretch your body straight. Point your toes and keep yourself in the air without the knees touching the ground. Next, you need to push up and down like a push up. This works abs, because between the legs and elbows, you have to keep it in the air and that means using the abs to keep you in mid air.

These exercises help me get slim abs and will help you get them as well. You can add these to your exercising routine easily with spacing out some for this week and other next week. Were these exercising steps useful to you?

Top Photo Credit: Corinna A. Carlson

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