7 Top Most Effective Exercises ...


7 Top Most Effective Exercises ...
7 Top Most Effective Exercises ...

Yes, it's me again with yet another lovely exercising routine that will be effective to your routine and way to stay fit. I want to tell you my top seven effective exercises that work and make you stay slim. If you want to stay slim and fit, you need to follow a good diet and exercising technique. Read what I got to say about the most effective ways to stay slim.

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Taking a Walk

One of my favorite things to do is take a walk in the park. Do you know that power walking is an effective exercise? Well, walking helps the body brake down calories that you consume throughout the day and give you energy. As you walk you burn fats and help the body be healthy.


Aerobics or Dancing

Aerobics or Dancing Photo Credit: Method Fitness

Sign up for dance classes or aerobics. If you do this per day, you will maintain a slim body and stay fit. You can go at your own pace or do it at home. Aerobics can be done through programs on TV or even on the Internet. If you do what they do on the TV and do it correctly, the exercise will work to keep you slim.



Squats are one of the easiest exercises to do at home and works many muscles in one. You will work the butt, legs and upper body. The Abs get worked as you lift your body up and down. You can do this with weights or stand alone. You can attach weights on your body such as, vest weights, leg weights or arm weights. Very easy to do and very effective.



Lunges Photo Credit: *pele*

For lunges, you can do them in your home and easily with yourself. To do these, you need to stretch, because it's important to make sure you don't pull muscles as you do the lunges. Lunges takes stretching of the legs and being on one knee. If you have bad knees, you might want to try another exercise. This exercise works the back of the legs and hamstring areas. You also work the calve muscles.


Push Ups

Push Ups Photo Credit: 100PushUps

The most famous exercise done by millions everyday is push ups. Each push up you does wonders on the stomach, abs and biceps. If you do these, you will tighten your arms, chest and back muscles. The look you will get is amazing and helps arm fats.



These are very effective to look slim, because it helps tighten your abs muscles. Abs is important in men and women, because that’s the stomach area. You can do this on the floor in your home or on a mat. The burning sensation in the chest let's you know it's for sure a perfect exercise. Do not overdo it though, because you need to keep up with a routine exercise to stay fit. These can be done in many different forms. You can do ball crunches that can be more effective, but need to purchase a ball. You can get them almost in any store or exercising store.



Swimming Photo Credit: Dreamhuntress

We all like the beach and our pools, so we like to swim. Did you know that swimming is one of the number one exercises to stay fit? Well, swimming helps every muscle in the body and makes it stronger. The heart even gets worked, because it’s a aerobic exercise. Swimming also helps work arms, legs, butt, and chest. If you want to burn calories, you will find out swimming burns many calories within minutes of swimming. One of my favorite exercises is swimming.

We all need to stay fit in order to be healthy and play out the rest of our life. So, exercising and doing a routine exercise is important to stay healthy. To stay slim, it's going to be tough to keep up with, but it's something that we all have to do to stay fit. I personal do these exercises every week and make a routine exercise schedule and they really help. Do you think these will help you?

Top Photo Credit: Matilde B.

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