7 Exercises to Tone Your Legs This Summer ...


7 Exercises to Tone Your Legs This Summer ...
7 Exercises to Tone Your Legs This Summer ...

Springhas finally come, and summer won’t be that far behind it. For some of us, summer lasts longer than for others, but chances are that at some point we’ll be putting our legs on display. Here are some ways to tone them up so they can do those cute shorts justice.

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Pilates I’d recommend going to a class if you are new to this, although there are videos available on the internet, and many books.

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Stationary Workout

Stationary Workout Work outwhile sitting down! Read this article for some tips: ehow.com



Cycling Cyclingis good for you all-round, but will certainly get those legs in shape!

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Stretching Try these stretching exercises to help your legs look great: iloveindia.com



Walkingis another great but simple method. Whether you hike or walk to work, regular walking will help tone those muscles.

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Yoga I love yoga, and there are some great yoga poses to tone your legs. Check this out: yoga.about.com

Do your pins need a bit of help looking good for summer? What exercises work for you?

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