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8 Benefits of Riding a Bike ...

By Alison

A British politician famously once told the unemployed to ‘get on your bike’ and find work. This didn’t go down too well, but there are numerous other reasons for jumping on your bike and pedalling off. Try these for size.

1 Cycling is Environmentally Friendly

Cycling is Environmentally FriendlyNo fuel, no fumes, and you’re not contributing to traffic queues. Biking is the way to go for a nature lover.

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2 It’s Great for Your Health

It’s Great for Your HealthCycling gives your body a good workout and will help you get fit. If you’re feeling a bit down, it certainly gets those endorphins going.

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3 Cycling Beats Traffic Jams

Cycling Beats Traffic JamsJust imagine how smug you will feel as you sail past the frustrated motorists stuck in queues.

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4 Having a Bike Saves Money

Having a Bike Saves MoneyWe can all do with cutting back on expenses in these difficult times, and even if you need a car for other purposes, it’s more economical to leave it at home for short journeys. If you can do without it altogether, all the better.

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5 It’s a Quick and Cheap Way of Getting to Work

Why not encourage your employers to offer facilities for cyclists?

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6 It’s Nicer to Be in the Fresh(ish) Air than Stuck on a Crowded Bus or Train

It’s Nicer to Be in the Fresh(ish) Air than Stuck on a Crowded Bus or TrainYou also save time otherwise spent waiting for buses to turn up, and the bike will take you door to door.

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7 We All Benefit from Increased Use of the Bike

Less pollution and traffic, together with improved health, is good for society as a whole.

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8 A Bike is Cheap to Buy and Maintain

A Bike is Cheap to Buy and MaintainYou needn’t spend a lot on buying one for normal road use. Nor will you be shelling out for road tax, fuel, expensive servicing or huge repair bills.

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So are you convinced? Will you be getting on your bike? What’s the best thing about cycling for you?

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