7 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language ...

There are lots of benefits to learning a foreign language – here are just some of them.

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If you live in a foreign country, you know what people are saying about you.

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You will look very clever when you announce "I can speak French, Italian, Dutch and Swahili." Hopefully no-one will realize that all you can say is "Hello", "Goodbye", and "Two beers, please."

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Surprisingly, the whole world does not speak English, so it’s very practical to know something of the language when traveling.

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It’s also essential when living abroad. Speaking the language reasonably well will make it much easier to deal with bureaucracy, doctors, banks, and other necessities of daily living.

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Learning a language is a very good way of making your brain work – it needs exercising just as much as your body.

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You can insult people and they won’t know what you’re saying.

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You will be able to gain exposure to other cultures and communicate with people from other countries.

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How many languages do you speak? Why did you learn them? Or do you wish we all spoke the same language?

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