8 Reasons Why Old People Are Cool ...

In the west, we live in a terribly ageist society, and don’t revere our elderly like other cultures, instead dismissing them as redundant and boring. Now, I’m not suggesting that you bow down before Granny every time you see her, but that we all start looking at them in a new light. Old people can actually be a lot of fun – and here’s why I think they are actually pretty cool.


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Photo Credit: Giuntini Jonathan

There is nothing you can do to shock an old person – they’ve heard it all. Hang around in a post office queue on pension day, and the conversation is actually pretty racy. My sister once said to her kids (then teenagers), ‘there is nothing you can do that I haven’t already done’. Trust me, this is true of most older people, who are probably up to all kinds of things that you wouldn’t expect. Every generation thinks they invented sex, despite evidence to the contrary …

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