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So I saw Inception a few days ago and I have become a bit obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio. Some of you may have been in love with him since his Titanic days but I had an "I hate popular love films" phase and I did everything I can to avoid all the Jack Dawson hoopla. But here I am, watching every Leo movie I can get my hands on. I have also made this little list of reasons for loving him:

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He is a Fantastic Actor

He is a Fantastic Actor I absolutely loved him in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. I am a huge Johnny Depp fan but I was more drawn to Leo's portrayal of a mentally-handicapped teen. His performances in his other movies are also top-notch. This is not a personal opinion since he has been nominated for many awards for many of his films.


He's Cute!

He's Cute! Many ladies took notice of his boyish good looks when he played Jack Dawson on Titanic. He was such a cutie then but he still can make your heart skip a beat these days. I personally like his eyes. How about you?


He Was Close with His Grandmom

He Was Close with His Grandmom Leo's grandmom (he called her "Oma) died in 2008. Before she passed on, Leo took her to some of his movie premieres. Very sweet, right?


He is an Environmentalist

He is an Environmentalist He co-wrote, co-produced, and narrated the film 11th Hour. He takes only commercial flights. He drives a hybrid car. He has bought an island in Belize for the sole purpose of turning it into an eco-friendly resort. He has been recognized by many groups for his environmental work.


He is Involved in Many Charities

He is Involved in Many Charities He has donated generously to many charitable organizations. From disaster relief to education, Leo has donated thousands and thousands of dollars.


He is Not in Love with Fame

He is Not in Love with Fame One of his popular quotes: I don't really have many extravagances. I don't fly private jets and I don't have bodyguards and I don't buy crazy things. I have a couple of houses here and there. I bought a very expensive watch, and I am going to buy a really expensive movie poster, the original for The Thief of Bagdad. I love movie posters.


He is Fit

He is Fit He doesn't seem fit when he wears a suit that's a size too big for him but when he removes his shirt, man, oh, man, you'll see that he's fiiiine. I had this wonderful realization when I watched Revolutionary Road a couple of days ago.


He Has Worked with Fantastic Directors

He Has Worked with Fantastic Directors Martin Scorcese, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, to name a few. Methinks Leo needs to work with Clint Eastwood. That would be AWESOME.


He Has Worked with Brilliant Actors

He Has Worked with Brilliant Actors I love seeing Leo movies because they are not one-man films. What I mean is that I get to see other favorite actors as well. Some of the actors that he has worked with and I love as well are Kate Winslet, Mark Strong, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Tom Hanks. Can you name your favorite Leo co-star?


He Sounds Smart

He Sounds Smart Another Leo quote I love: You learn after you've been in the business for a while that it's not getting your face recognized that's the payoff. It's having your film remembered.

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he's leonardo dicaprio. his name is synonymous with the words "childhood crush" to me lol. and he's just so .... sigh ... lol

Love u Leo Forever.UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

My older sister has always had a crush on him! I just love his movies...never really had a thing for his looks though! Just watched Shutter Island ...great movie! :) He def is a great actor. Loved Catch Me if You Can and Departed.

Caprio you would ve made an excellent actor in movie Time Changer ... Just can't stand the idea of JT ... you wouldve been much much better ... i think the movie earnings would ve been higher too... i am certain you have a busy schedule ... but i hope i see you in all the good movies isa!

now this is what i call a sexy ass man(;

what's not to love about leonardo dicaprio????

point 9: you are forgotten Meryl Streep! (Marvin's room). ;) Leo will work with Clint Eastwood: Hoover, 2010 i'm looking forward to see this movie <3

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