8 Reasons to Love Jeans ...


8 Reasons to Love Jeans ...
8 Reasons to Love Jeans ...

There's only one reason that I'´ll put my jeans away, and that's when it gets too hot to wear them. For the rest of the year, I live in them (no, not the same pair …). Jeans are immensely popular for a very good reason – well, for several very good reasons. Here are eight of them – and I'm sure you can think of more!

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Versatile Style

Versatile Style Photo Credit: PhotoAmateur1

There are so many ways of wearing jeans. Match them with a simple t-shirt for a lazy day, a smart top for a night out, a jumper, shirt, jacket … There are very few items that won't go with jeans.


All Ages

Everyone from toddlers to grandmothers can wear them. Yes, even women in their sixties or seventies. The key to wearing them, whatever your shape or age, is to pick a pair that suit you. Try on lots of pairs and take an honest friend with you!


Four Seasons

Four Seasons Photo Credit: Mina Y

Jeans can be worn all year round. It's only when the weather gets too hot for denim that it's too uncomfortable to wear them (which in some countries, isn't very often). With a light top in summer and a sweater in winter, you can certainly get your money's worth out of jeans.



Variety Photo Credit: { karen }

Do you like skinny fit? Bootleg? Stretch denim? Or a pair of vintage bell-bottomed jeans? Whatever your taste, whatever your shape, everyone is catered for.



Simplicity Photo Credit: Caps!

Do you sometimes wake up in that "can't be bothered to think what to wear" mood? Well, I do every day! So I just pull out a pair of jeans and then the only difficulty is in deciding what to wear with it. Which is usually a t-shirt. Even a plain t-shirt or vest can look good with jeans if it is fitted.



Do you like worn, black, dark or "regular denim? Jeans are available in so many shades and colors, even brights if you like them. Stonewashed jeans, however, are an abomination that should be banished to the 80's where they belong. Never be tempted. Although I'm sure you all have far too much taste.



Comfort Photo Credit: - ♥ Cherie ♥ -

Most of us have that pair of wonderful worn jeans in our wardrobe that we pull out whenever we need something comfortable. If you're feeling down or unwell, or you just want to have a lazy day, that pair of jeans you've had forever are just so nice to wear.



Whether you like $200 designer jeans, or a $10 pair from the thrift store, every budget is catered for. You can pay whatever you want or can afford.

Are you a jeans devotee as well? Do you prefer designer brands or think it's worth paying more for a good pair?

Top Photo Credit: Lídia Ramalho

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I love jeans! More than skirts, pants or dresses. I have about 15 pairs of jeans and I love finding new ways to wear every one of them.

i dont need any reason to love them as they are so lovable. they are true bodymate for me.

I cannot imagine life without jeans! They're a pain to buy sometimes but nothing will keep me away from them.

I LOVE jeans. I love their versatility and different styles.

Jeans! What would we do without them? I've been trying for years to get a friend of mine to try out jeans (you can only wear sweatpants for so long) and you've finally convinced her! They look soo great!

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