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15 Reasons Why I Love My Husband ...

By Melanie

I got married to the guy I lost my virginity to – he was also a virgin – we share a bond together and no one is going to take that away from us. We were married on October 24, 2003 at 18 years old. When I say forever, I do mean it and I know he means it. We do not take marriage as a joke, like many others out there. Below, I am going to give 15 reasons why I love my husband, Steven.

15 He’s a Gamer

Since I enjoy playing video games myself, I had to list this one. This is a big plus for me. It’s always good when you share the same hobbies – he’s fun to play games with!

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14 He’s a Safe Driver

I see a lot of crazy drivers out lately and I think that it is childish and not responsible at all. I am thankful that my husband is a safe driver – I only have to worry about the people around him.


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13 He’s a Good Father

He’s a Good FatherPhoto Credit: www.jonSpotphotography. com

Of course, he is a good father and he provides for his kids – that is a big plus right there. He spends time with his kids too. Perfect.

12 He’s the Perfect Husband

He’s the Perfect HusbandPhoto Credit: xdesx

Honestly, I can’t think of anything that I do not like about him. He does snore at night, but that’s not his fault and that can easily be fixed by me wearing ear plugs. I wouldn’t trade him out for anyone else. Girls say that the perfect husband doesn’t exist, but I say that he does, because I have him.

11 He is Smart

He is SmartPhoto Credit: cullum, heather

I think he is very smart. He’s good at making webpages and many other things. When I’m stuck in a game, even if he never played it before, he knows what to do. He is also good at math.

10 He Buys Gifts when I Least Expect It

He Buys Gifts when I Least Expect ItPhoto Credit: arny johanns

I am not a big one when it comes to gifts and I don’t get mad when I do not get gifts. However, when he does give gifts, it is when I least expect it.

9 He Always Tries to Surprise Me

He Always Tries to Surprise MePhoto Credit: Bakerella

It is funny, because he tries to surprise me all the time. I like this.

8 When I’m down, He Cheers Me up

Whenever I am having a bad day, he finds a way to cheer me up. He has a sweet way of doing this.

7 He Makes Me See the Better Side of Things

He Makes Me See the Better Side of ThingsPhoto Credit: Cuba Gallery

He doesn’t know it, unless he reads this, but I say that he makes me see the better side of things a lot of times.

6 He’s Fun

He’s FunPhoto Credit: jackaloha2(off-on)

I think he is fun and it is exciting to spend time with him.

5 He’s Sweet

I must say that he is sweet. I haven’t come across many guys out there that are as sweet. Yeah, I have, but they were only sweet because they were after something.

4 He Smells Good

Ever since I met him, I thought he had a nice smell.

3 He Loves Me

My favorite is because he loves me. But I still say that I love him more – that is a battle he will not win.

2 I Can Trust Him

I Can Trust HimPhoto Credit: Resclassic2

I know that I can trust him. He won’t overspend on things and I know that he is not after any other girl. He only has one girl in his mind as a lover.

1 He’s Respectful

He’s RespectfulPhoto Credit: B.S. Wise

Some guys are not respectful at all, but he is and that is what I like.

Those are 15 things I like about my husband. I could continue on this list forever, but for now, this is where I will stop. What about you? What do you like about your partner?

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