7 Ways to Dress up Your Jeans ...


7 Ways to Dress up Your Jeans ...
7 Ways to Dress up Your Jeans ...

There are tons of things you can do to dress up your jeans, to the point that they can be the perfect choice for almost any occasion. I live in jeans, and I rarely like to wear anything dressier (except pinstripes), because that's just not really my style most of the time. I'm always looking for ways to make my jeans look better, so they'll be wearable all the time. Here are some ways to dress up your jeans that make them the best statement just about any time!

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Knee High Boots

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This is a great way to dress up a pair of skinny jeans, especially. The look works especially well with darker colored jeans, especially if they're dark indigo or straight black. Whether they're low heeled or high heeled, knee high or above the knee, this look is incredibly iconic, and it will work well for a number of different occasions. Just remember to keep it simple with the rest of your ensemble!


Lace It up

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Lace looks fantastic with denim. Moreover, a lovely lace top can give your jeans a whole new look. If you can find something vintage looking, especially, you can create an almost formal look, especially if you find just the right kind of lace. If you find something you love that feels a little bit too peekaboo, don't forget you can layer a camisole or something underneath.


Chunky Necklaces

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Chunky or layered necklaces are also a fantastic look. It really should be one or the other – you don't want to be simple with this style. In fact, you can even layer chunky, funky necklaces for a realy bold look. Anything with pearls or beads will go over especially well.


Buttoned up Beauty

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A button up shirt, as long as it's sleek, stylish, and classic, will make any pair of jeans look classy and classic. In fact, this looks especially good with ripped up, hole ridden jeans. Try to make sure it's fitted. Black or white is usually your best bet here, and make sure you pair it with some killer shoes!


Go Girly

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A feminine blouse pairs beautifully with jeans. This kind of look is great for a date just about anywhere, and it will also look wonderful for a day spent shopping or a night out on the town with your girlfriends. You really can't go wrong with ruffles here, or the color pink, but knitted tops and cute cardigans are great choices as well.


Make a Statement with Shoes

Make a Statement with Shoes Price: $64.99 at zappos.com
Whether they're sleek high heels or brightly colored, funky choices, a great pair of statement shoes will give your jeans a brand new life. Again, you can use this look for any number of different occasions, because the right pair of statement shoes will make your jeans look almost formal – and they'll definitely be stylish!


Bold Bags

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This is definitely one of my favorites! A bright, bold, brave bag can make the difference with any outfit, but that's especially true for jeans. The brighter, the better, because something that catches the eye will keep you from feeling too casual or under dressed – especially if you make sure you add in some fabulous shoes as well!

You can always dress up your jeans so they will fit any event. All right, you might not want to go to a wedding or a black tie affair, but for just about everything else, you can definitely find a lot of ways to dress up your jeans. What do you do to make your favorite pair of jeans seem dressier?

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I love the necklace and the polka dot shoes...very cool! When I was a teenager, everyone was sawing some decorative trims on the bottom of their jeans...the Hippies Era....lol

I did like the combination but I din't like the teacher .

I love a lot this one it was super coollllll!!!!

Oh it's always the shoes that does all the magic!

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