8 Ways to Wear Lace ...

Lace is the foundation for one of this season’s staple looks and, frankly, I’m thrilled. De la Renta, D&G, Chanel … pretty much every big collection for spring/summer 2011 features metres and metres of the beautiful fabric. While I’m an out and out fan, I recognise that others are not quite so convinced, and I do understand this hesitation. Lace is not the easiest textile to wear. Too much of it risks turning you into Miss Havisham and in the wrong shade – black in particular – it can give people the impression that you’re out in your underwear. There are methods and means to making it work though; I've had a think and put together a list of 8 ways to wear lace.

1. Subtly

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Photo Credit: fromthefloor.nordstrom.com

Recently, I bought a gorgeous eighties-inspired, body-con style top. I love it: it’s amazing, but it has a fatal flaw. Because it cuts way below mid-spine at the back, it’s impossible to wear a bra with it. For some girls this might not be a problem, but for me, unfortunately, it is. I’d pretty much forgotten the shirt altogether when, while browsing the racks at a lingerie shop, I found a little black lace bandeau. It’s perfect and totally saves my lovely backless top. While an ordinary bra with a clip and labels is too mechanical somehow to be exposed, the strip of lace is pretty, functional and on trend. What a find!

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