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5 Nautical Notes on Style ...

By Meream

1 for Your Wedding

A wedding with a nautical theme? Sweet! Check out Casa Sugar for ideas on centerpieces, wedding decor, and setting up a photo booth.

2 for Your Little Darling

I had a nautical dress like this when I was a little girl. Mine was white with blue piping. I'm sure I was never as cute as Ali Landry's daughter here, though. Adorable!

3 for Your Sewing Needs

Thinking of sewing a dress with a sailor collar? Perhaps something similar to the collar that cutie Estela is wearing above? Check out the link for a guide on making the pattern.

4 for Style on a Budget

Look at fabulously sexy Liv in her nautical shorts and striped top. I am in love with the high waist style of the shorts. Check out the link for ideas on how to copy her style.

5 for Everyday Nautical

Feeling like channeling this style for more than just one outfit? Head on over to College Candy for a complete style guide. Love the white sunnies!

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Top Photo Credit: Squirrelly Mae

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