5 Nautical Notes on Style ...


5 Nautical Notes on Style ...
5 Nautical Notes on Style ...

A wedding with a nautical theme? Sweet! Check out Casa Sugar for ideas on centerpieces, wedding decor, and setting up a photo booth.

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I had a nautical dress like this when I was a little girl. Mine was white with blue piping. I'm sure I was never as cute as Ali Landry's daughter here, though. Adorable!


Thinking of sewing a dress with a sailor collar? Perhaps something similar to the collar that cutie Estela is wearing above? Check out the link for a guide on making the pattern.


Look at fabulously sexy Liv in her nautical shorts and striped top. I am in love with the high waist style of the shorts. Check out the link for ideas on how to copy her style.


Feeling like channeling this style for more than just one outfit? Head on over to College Candy for a complete style guide. Love the white sunnies!

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Top Photo Credit: Squirrelly Mae

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