6 Tips for Breathtaking Outfit Photos ...

So you have great style and you want to keep a record of your growth as a fan of fashion. One great way to do this is to start a style blog. Now I am not exactly an expert when it comes to these things but I am a huge fashion blog stalker. From the many fashionistas I stalk online, I have learned a thing or two about great outfit photos. And so we have these tips:

1. Lighting

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Photo Credit: SimplyShutterbug

You want your readers to admire what you're wearing, right? The best way to do that is to have photos taken in perfect lighting conditions. As much as possible, have them taken outdoors during the day. Photos taken indoors are fine but again, make sure that there is enough light to show your outfit. Place lamps strategically around you if that will help. Make sure that you crop the lamps out before you upload the photos, though. (See tip 5).

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