6 Tips for Breathtaking Outfit Photos ...


6 Tips for Breathtaking Outfit Photos ...
6 Tips for Breathtaking Outfit Photos ...

So you have great style and you want to keep a record of your growth as a fan of fashion. One great way to do this is to start a style blog. Now I am not exactly an expert when it comes to these things but I am a huge fashion blog stalker. From the many fashionistas I stalk online, I have learned a thing or two about great outfit photos. And so we have these tips:

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You want your readers to admire what you're wearing, right? The best way to do that is to have photos taken in perfect lighting conditions. As much as possible, have them taken outdoors during the day. Photos taken indoors are fine but again, make sure that there is enough light to show your outfit. Place lamps strategically around you if that will help. Make sure that you crop the lamps out before you upload the photos, though. (See tip 5).


No Flash, No Shake

Unless you are aiming for that raw Terry Richardson vibe, flash is simply unnecessary. This is why I recommend photos taken with all the light your camera needs. Another thing that you must avoid are blurry photos. The best remedy is a tripod of course. A photographer who doesn't have shaky hands will also be perfect. No assistant or tripod? Make do with books stacked on a table.


All in the Details

All in the Details Photo Credit: SimplyShutterbug

Outfit photos showing the whole body are great and all but sometimes, you just simply gotta show your readers details of what you're wearing. How about a close up of your ring or the ruffles on your top? You don't have to wear the items when you want to show details of your outfit. Take photos of your accessories or your dress laid out on the floor or the grass. This is great macro photography practice, by the way.


Who's Got Your Back?

Sure your outfit is the star of the photos but a beautiful background is important, too. For some, a plain background works wonders. A glamor shot tabula rasa, a plain wall can be edited to your heart's content to show your personality. A wall covered with granny wallpaper can be great, too. I suggest taking advantage of the many interesting spots of your city, though. A tourist spot, an abandoned building, or an almost-boring brick wall near your school --- these can be perfect backgrounds for showing your style.


Edit, Crop, Make Art

You do not have to have the most sophisticated camera to come up with breathtaking outfit photos. A point and shoot can give you fabulous shots, too. You simply have to know what to do with your photos before you upload them to your blog. If you know your way around Photoshop or any photo editing software, give your photos that artsy feel. Vintage-like or adding vignette will not take more than 5 clicks. If you don't know how to use these, you only need two things to keep in mind: crop & rotate.


Know when to Stop

This last tip is not exactly related to the quality of the photos but I just have to share it. I do not like fashion blogs with a gazillion photos of one outfit. Pick a couple that you like and delete the rest from your memory card. Having 10 photos will not be fun for your readers. For one, your website will take too long to load. Also, your blog is not exactly a Facebook album.

If you have more to add, I've love to hear them!

Top Photo Credit: Brandon Christopher Warren

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Fabulous tips.

I agree. Really good tips for any photographs not just fashion shots. Thank you.

Great lighting is always the key to great pictures

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