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10 Reasons Why I Love True Blood ...

By Meream

The third season of True Blood just started and it inspired me to wax poetic about the show. Do you guys love the show as much as I do? What are your reasons for watching it every week? I know you'll say Eric but I'm interested to hear your other reasons. Here are mine:

1 The Story is Engaging

The Story is EngagingIt is mature --- as in you see lots of naked people. But this is the type of vampire stories I like. Sweet and cute are okay but I like a vampire story with just the right amount of suspense and horror.

2 It Has Interesting Characters

It Has Interesting CharactersOf course, it has your typical vampire story characters --- werewolves, religious fanatics, etc. etc. However, I like the quirks that each character has. My favorites will have to be Pamela, Lafayette, and Jason.

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3 The Story Deviates from the Book Series Beautifully

The Story Deviates from the Book Series BeautifullyHaving read the book, I am very much aware of how big of an artistic license Alan Ball has taken with regards to creating the show. Still, I think the TV series he has created is authentic and fantastic. I sure appreciate the fact that he has made Lafayette a huge part of the story.

4 Anne Rice Loves True Blood

Anne Rice Loves True BloodI spent my teen years reading the Vampire Chronicles of Anne Rice. That is probably why I was drawn to True Blood and not to the teeny Twilight series. Here is what Anne Rice said about the show: “The show is clever, satirical and yet deeply involving. It is full of humor and yet its characters have tender and emotional scenes. I find it very engaging and fun to watch.” She has even mentioned the show a few times on her Facebook page.

5 The Boys Are Beautiful

The Boys Are BeautifulI don't think this part needs explaining.

6 The Ladies Are Strong

The Ladies Are StrongWhen I read the books, I couldn't help but admire Sookie. "That is one open-minded and strong-willed lady," I often thought. Some of the women of the show that I love are Tara, the Queen, and of course, Pamela.

7 The Music is Awesome

The Music is AwesomeFirst off, the opening theme is incredibly catchy. There is something about that Jace Everett song that makes you want to do naughty things. As for the other songs used on the show, I love their bluesy feel. They sure make the Southern vibe of the show more palpable and authentic.

8 Alan Ball is One of the Most Creative in Hollywood Today

Alan Ball is One of the Most Creative in Hollywood TodayAlan Ball has worked in film and theater, aside from television. He wrote the award-winning film, American Beauty. That was a fantastic movie and is part of my top 10 all-time faves. He has also won awards for his work in another HBO show, Six Feet Under.

9 The Show Led to the Creation of a Classy Line of Jewelry

The Show Led to the Creation of a Classy Line of JewelryAs part of its marketing, HBO teamed up with New York-based designer Udi Behr to create a line of True Blood jewelry. The pieces are mainly in silver, ruby, and touches of black leather. While some are a tad too Gothic for my taste, I can honestly say that I'll happily wear most of the pieces.

10 I Love Sookie's Clothes!

I Love Sookie's Clothes!Call me silly but I think what I remember most from the first episode of the first season was her white bikini with red dots. That pair was hot. Of course, she also wears these cute sundresses with sweetheart necklines and full skirts that are just girly and sexy. I haven't noticed her shoes that much but I vow to do so from this season on.

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