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7 Fat Loss Tips for Summer ...

By Melanie

Summer is almost here and we know you want to fit into that cute bathing suit you've been eyeing. And I know a lot of you have been dreading it all winter.It's time to take that dread and translate it into action byworking off those pounds you gained during the winter months. Here are my 7 fat loss tips for this summer…

7 At the Grocery Store

At the Grocery StorePhoto Credit: Burt Youngsters When you go to the grocery store, you will notice that they set things up in a way to make you purchase more than you actually need. This is the main reason why those core foods such as eggs and milk are located in the back of the store. They want you to walk through those middle aisles, which is exactly where those sugary and high fat foods are placed. So remember this the next time you're at a grocery store and try not to be tempted by the unwanted stuff.

6 Choose the “better” Bad Foods

Choose the “better” Bad FoodsPhoto Credit: RoOoNa From time to time, we all cheat. If you decide that you need to have a little treat, then focus on those “better” bad foods. Those contain less calories, sugar and fat than the regular ones. Some great foods to choose would be non-fat frozen yogurt. If you are in the movie theatre, do not have buttery popcorn, choose the plain one.

5 Forget All about the Word “diet”

Forget All about the Word “diet”Photo Credit: dphock When we hear the word “diet,” it usually brings up a lot of thoughts of unhappiness and restriction. Instead of using that “D” word, try focusing on the word “lifestyle change.” When it comes to eating habits, try to make smart changes and stick with it. Think of it as something that will bring permanent success and not something that is temporary.

4 Eat a Couple of Small Meals Throughout the Day

Eat a Couple of Small Meals Throughout the DayPhoto Credit: mimpy Contrary to popular belief, you are better off eating a couple of small meals throughout the day as opposed to starving yourself. Make sure those meals are nutritious and healthy for you. This way, you will have something in your stomach every couple of hours and not feel deprived or starved. Before you know it, you will belosing weightand in a healthy way!

3 Get a Friend to Lose Weight with You

Get a Friend to Lose Weight with YouPhoto Credit: obiwanmakanubi For many individuals, exercising and eating less is not fun when it is done alone. This is why you should find afriend that will lose weight with you. A little healthy competition is always fun and it's nice to have someone to report to.

2 Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Plenty of WaterPhoto Credit: Cyron Each day, it is important that you focus on drinking a large percentage of water. Your body needs a lot of water both to help you lose weight and keep you healthy. You should drink at least four eight ounce glasses of water each day. The water is going to flush toxins out from your system and fill you up. This is going to make you feel full and maybe keep you away from unhealthy snacks!

1 Clear out That Junk Food

Clear out That Junk FoodPhoto Credit: Ian Sane Leaving the junk food in your kitchen cabinet and refrigerator is only going to be temptation. Get rid of that temptation. If it has not been opened, donate it. Get it out of your home, because if you leave it there, you will be tempted to eat it. Choose healthier, low calorie snacksinstead! Those are my 7 fat loss tips for summer. Everyone wants to lose weight and fit in that swim suit and sometimes all it takes is a little change in your lifestyle. Eating healthy andexercising plenty is the key to fat loss. What about you, do you need to lose weight? Share some of your plans with me! Top Photo Credit: RoOoNa

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