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8 Top Ways to Shed Pounds Fast ...

By Melanie

It's time to shed some pounds and get rid of unwanted fat! I am here to tell you some techniques that I use to shed that unwanted weight fast. When it comes to losing weight, it takes time and a proactive mind to make it happen. Read what I have to tell you about my Top 8 Ways to Shed Pounds Fast…

8 Drinking Water!

Drinking Water!Photo Credit: 7oO7oO

Water is a natural non- fat drink that acts like a body detox and is needed for the body to work correctly. Instead of drinking soda or any other sugary drink, you should drink water. Water is also a good diet suppresser, because it can cause you to eat less. The more water you drink the less you will eat. With drinking water, you also avoid the false hunger that happens with dehydration.

7 Normal Eating Habits

Always eat normal, because if you miss a meal the more hungry you will get. We all need to eat at least 3 or 5 meals a day. That means eating 3 normal meals and 2 snack type meals. You can eat normal foods and still lose weight. However, you need to eat snacks and meals that are healthy. Never over eat and you should be on your way to lose weight, plus they help you get energy for exercise.

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6 Eating Fiber Foods

Eating Fiber FoodsPhoto Credit: foodswings

Fiber foods have always been one of the best methods to lose weight fast. Fiber food can be found in any grocery store or health food store. Most yogurts and cereals have fiber that’s helpful to the body digestive system. The body needs help to digest foods in order to give the minerals and vitamins to the body. That’s why fiber is important with diets and exercising routines. Eat that fiber and lose weight!

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5 Weight Loss Methods

Weight Loss MethodsPhoto Credit: GuruAg1

Using a weight loss method such as weight loss pills or drinks, you will find that they're effective. Although, you might find some that just starve you and affect your hunger. Research some good weight loss methods that’s safe for your body. They have weight loss drinks that have the natural nutrients and vitamins you need in one meal, which can help you shed pounds quickly with your exercising routines. There are pills that help loss weight, by giving your body energy and what it needs throughout the day.

4 Aerobics

This method is almost the most effective method to lose weight fast. It's good for your heart and helps your body digest better. All exercising is good for you and helps make you lose weight, but some exercises are more effective than others are. Dancing and aerobics is pretty much the same thing and can be done in your home or gym. You can go to aerobic class or trainer to get full aspect of aerobics. Although, I myself prefer doing it at home.

3 Walking and Jogging

Walking and JoggingPhoto Credit: lynne_b

Walking allows you to enjoy the outdoors and breathe the fresh air. Although, you might think it's not a fast weight shedder, but it's very effective. The more you walk the more calories are burnt causing weight loss. If you plan to jog, always pick safe and nature type places, because it helps you jog down the road. It's always nice to watch scenery as you exercise.

2 Routine Exercises

Routine ExercisesPhoto Credit: S.H.M.I.L.Y

What I mean by routine exercises is going to the gym and using the machines. Treadmills can help you with your walking and help calculate how much calories you have burned. With each machine, you can burn calories and work certain parts to your body. Using the stair climber can help exercise your legs, hamstrings and calves. There is plenty to do in a gym and helps you burn weight fast.

1 Swimming

SwimmingPhoto Credit: ♥ Spice ♥

Swimming takes every muscle in the body to do, so this makes it a very effective weight loss method. Swimming can be done in a pool or nearby beach. Most of us don't have beaches, which means finding a lake. I at least swim in the beach or outside pool twice a week. This helps me lose weight and helps energy activate in my body. As you swim it takes legs, arms and middle body strength to move across the water or stay threading water. It's one of the funnest ways to exercise.

I hope the information that I provided you can help you lose weight fast and make losing weight fun. It's hard to find the right method to lose weight fast that’s healthy for the body, that’s why I provided you with some information I use on a weekly basis. Do you find this information helpful?

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