5 Fitness Posts to BlogStalk ...


5 Fitness Posts to BlogStalk ...
5 Fitness Posts to BlogStalk ...

Do you know that keeping THAT part fit leads to more pleasure?

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Not many people like sprints because a steady speed is nice. But sprints may just help you lose those extra pounds that just won't budge.


For some people, cute workout clothes motivate them to move their butts. The ones suggested here might help you.


do You Know Which Halloween Candies Are Really Bad for You?

Take this quiz and find out.


You know, Phoebe of FRIENDS. She ran like a kid and didn't care about who saw her. Stress-free workout!
Top Image by **Damian Tierney**

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College Candy has the best articles - number one was such an eye-opener. Great list, Meream! :)

that photo is amazinnnnng.. clearly a dancer like me :]

The woman in the top photo is inspirational enough for me...check out those arms and legs...awesome! Halloween starts the food holidays...stay focused here Diana! Nice post.

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