5 Glittery Posts to BlogStalk...


5 Glittery Posts to BlogStalk...
5 Glittery Posts to BlogStalk...

Sequins! Sequins Everywhere!

It's not a scary thought, really. Get some essential glittery pieces now.

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Wear Sequins with an Attitude

Take notes from Pavon by Luz & Victoria


out of This World!

Glitter, the way Alexander McQueen does it.


Sign me up for a few pieces!


Head on over to College Candy for more glittery goodness.

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I definitely have to keep sequins in mind, during Christmas shopping!!! I actually love some sequins in evening wear, but I guess anything goes these days.... Nice stuff!!!

Lol indira, You really hate them don't you? :P

HHHmmmm...about the sequins...I don't know, they always remind me of this horrible holiday sweater my grandmother use to wear, or some child hanna montana outfit. I will do without the sequins, this winter...and every single winter after that! lol

Oooh so shiny! I'm loving the sequin leggings, I should spring for a pair! Sequins are very trendy this time of year, fantastic list!

Hi Meream! To be honest I'm not into Sequins at all.....and I see it almost everywhere these days. I can not put up with fashion these days :)

I love all those shiny sparkling fashion things. I'm so into them and I see them everywhere. I'm hoping to find a sexy Sequin Dress for this Christmas ;)

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